February 26, 2010

Online H&M shopping

As I mentioned previously on the blog when I visited the online H&M shop and saw the collection; I wanna buy everything!!
Nevertheless, I am not loaded with money, therefore I took advantage on some of the sales they still have on the web site, especially from the Home section as this is not possible to buy in shops yet.
Since they only have H&M Online Shop in a few countries (not including Spain), I bought it on the Danish website and got it shipped home to my mom.

I bought a couple of dish towels (ecological cotton), some funny napkins and table linens and a plaid (last mentioned not on sale).

I also had a look at the clothing sales and I have to say they had some amazing dresses for sale for around 10 - 20 euros. I bought a blue glimmer dress for 80kr. (around 10 euros).

All in all I paid 220 kr. + 50 kr. for the delivery (36 euros).

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