March 3, 2010

New trends - Spring 2010

Well its spring soon and spring means new tendencies! Here are some of the trends I have spotted and like for this season.

Statement jewellery; It's still hot to use big and flashy jewellery as accessories this season – so keep on using big bracelets, rings, earrings etc!

Shorts: This spring and summer it is all about shorts – in all colours, patterns and lengths! Use them in the spring with pattered stockings and in summer with bare (tanned) legs.

Sailor: Ahoy skipper! Once again the sailor look is back in fashion – so if you missed it last time – go out and get some striped red, white and blue clothes!

Demin: Demin is this seasons black! It is everywhere now and will be all summer – use different parts of demin at the same time and play with the blue colours – it cannot get too much!

Patterns: You cannot escape patterns! Whether it’s the floral print from last year or a more psychedelic one from the runway – pattern is everywhere! Use several patterns at the same time and play with the colours.

Short dresses: this season all our dresses has to be short and as short as possible – so show those legs ladies!

Crunchy heels: It is all about the heels – from lady gaga´s crazy shoos to CHANELS clogs. Like it or not the clogs and funny heels are here to stay…

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