June 29, 2010

NY part 2: Shops to visit in Soho

The place to shop in Soho is on Broadway between Prince and Channel street - there you will find all the big designer brands and high street shops.

For more independent and small clothing shops, have a look in the smaller street around especially Prince and Spring street.

The first shop I visited in Soho was not a clothing shop at all, but a café/food market: Dean and Deluca. You can find the coffee chain in various places in NY and I thought it fun to visit them since its where Felicity and Ben from the TV series "Felicity" worked. The one in Soho nevertheless is a huge and quite posh food market, with quality food and Dean&Deluca merchandise.

Almost opposite Dean & Deluca you will find the Prada shop. You might remember it from the Sex and the city chapter, when Carrie takes her boyfriend Berger to meet Prada...
The shop is spectacular with two floors and a wooden wave (looks almost like a roller skating ramp) which takes you downstairs.
Even though they did have sales in there, I didn't really find anything for my budget.

Further down the street you will find Hollister, a sister shop to Ambercrombie & Fitch. Also with typical American clothing, although this shops sells more specifically Californian clothing, which means more swim wear and that the sales assistants are wearing surfer shorts and bikinis.
The clothing is generally a bit cheaper and you can find dresses and shirts for around 40 dollars.

Another shop that I found had amazing clothes (and window decorations!) was All saints Spitalfields. I especially looooooooved their dresses, which were earth coloured with asymmetrical patterns.
Nevertheless, this shop was not for my budget as the average dress cost around 250 dollars. The shop also exists in England and comparing the two websites I found out that its much cheaper in there! E.g. a dress that cost 240 dollars in the States only cost 165 dollars in the UK (110 pounds). Further more, they had sales on the English web site, so I would definitely recommend a peek there.

A shop I really like and already knew from the UK and Denmark is Urban Outfitters. Here you will find trendy and colourful street wear, some almost vintage style. The clothes are normally around 50-70 dollars, but luckily they also had sales when I visited the shop.
I bought these monoshorts for 30 dollars (before 58 dollars).
My boyfriend also found a cool shirt and some nice jeans, both for under 40 dollars.

I also bought a pair of boyfriend jeans in the Levi's shop, before they were 80 dollars, but they were on sales for 40 dollars.

June 28, 2010

NY part 1: Shops to visit on 5th avenue

I am back again in Europe from holidays in New York. It was my first visit to the "big apple" and I found the town amazing - so many things to do and see, so little time.

I want to share with you my shopping experience from New York, which will be a series of blogs recommending shops as well as sharing with you what I actually bought there.

This first blog in the series will show you different recommendable shops on the main street, 5th avenue in NY.

5th avenue is known for its exclusive designer shops and the fact that this is very the stars are often spotted shopping. Nevertheless, lately also many high street shops have found there way to 5ht avenue, which means that there are shopping possibilities for everybody.

On the avenue you can find European high street shops H&M and Zara, but I prefer mentioning the typical American shops instead. Also worth mentioning is that in the end of June there are sales almost everywhere, which means that you can get more for less (recommendable time of year for travelling to NY). Especially the high street shops they mark down their products and then they would add an additional discount on the already discounted products.

The first shop which I would recommend a visit to is Abercrombie & Fitch - not so much for the clothes but for the experience.

The shop assistant are all models, male and female! When entering the shop, you get offered to get a polaroid picture taken with one of the models (me and a friend of mine above), which you then get for free as a pretty souvenir. And it continues inside, where there is laud party music and the beautiful models/sales assistant standing around, some half dancing, other smiling friendly to you while asking if you need any help. Not use to getting this much attention from that good looking men, you find your self almost walking around blushing while trying to concentrate on the clothes.
The clothes on the other hand are quite normal/basic "American style" clothes. You will find shirts, tops, short flowery skirts and dresses - in all kind of colours. Not very fashion forward as many of the dresses were the typical all in one skirt plus top dress, and the flowery skirts look like something you could find in H&M. Nevertheless, it is not cheap, the dresses and skirts cost around 50-70 dollars and the shirts are around 50-60 dollars. So I had a look and continued my trip down 5th avenue.

Other typical American shops, which you will find on 5ht avenue and everywhere else are: American Eagle Oufitters, Banana Republic and Gap. All okay shops but all a bit too basic (boring) for my taste (you will see a lot of jeans and tops/shirts in different colours and forms).

If you are a bit tech-neard, have a look in the Apple store. You should think they would had a very upbeat design store, but I have to say that the design is more practical than cool, as you can try all their product on the many wood tables around the big room.
We went by the shop the same day as they released the new Iphone 4 and even though they opened the sales at 7 o´clock in the morning, there were still huge queues in the afternoon and reporters from various TV channels.

Another shop definitely worth visiting is Juicy Couture. Here you will find great decoration, cute accessories and pricey clothes.

If you have a child inside of you or you still think barbie dolls are cool, I have to recommend a visit to the amazing toy store FAO Swartz (next to the Apple store). Here you will find everything for small (and big) children, including a Barbie catwalk, the piano from the Big movie and real sized Chubaka (from Starwars) made out of Lego.

Further down the avenue I also passed this window...

There are many more shops to visit, some affordable others not so much, but going to NY you have to visit the avenue.

My next blog will be about shopping in Soho, also a very recommendable part of the city to see!

June 25, 2010

Britney Spears designs for Candies

The line that Britney has designed for Candies has finally leaked and here are some of the items from the collection...
Personally I am loving the jewellery!

Madonna as a designer...

Sketches of Madonna's upcoming juniors line Material Girl have been released and the line is set to debut at Macy's in August.


Pictures from: http://cocoperez.com/page/7/

June 23, 2010

Crazy hats!

Hats are in! – And at this years annual Royal Ascot the attendance did really take it to the extreme!
People very really being innovative and gave it their all… Take a look at some of these cool, dreamy and a little wacky hats!

I want one!

June 16, 2010

Danish pre–sale

Just got this mail and wanted to chare it with you! It is from a really nice lifestyle shop called “The vic shop” which is placed in the center of Århus, Denmark.

They sell really cool furniture, homes accessorise, special foods, clothing and jewellery – Not in the cheapest end of the scale, but they have really nice things…

The mail is an invite for people to come to a pre-sale where you can save up to 40% and thereby get the chance to get some good bargains!

If you are Danish and in the neighbourhood - I think it would be worth checking out!


June 15, 2010

Birthday presents

I have been quite busy lately with moving to a new apartment. As Carrie said in SATC 2, "sorry I havn't been here lately, I have been cheating on fashion with furniture"

But even though I have been to busy to shop lately, it has still been my birthday and I got some nice presents.

Nice white summer sandals from Blanco

Dress with dots (love dots!) from H&M

Since they are presents I obviously don't know the prices.

I am going to New York next week and expect to catch up big time on my lack of shopping there! To be continued...

June 14, 2010

More cheapness from H&M!

For the small sum of 5,3 Euros you can buy a lot off cool stuf right now in all H&M stores or on the homepage! We are lowing a lot of the items – and even more the prices!

Here are some examples – but go and have a look for yourself!!

All of the above - 5,3 Euros.

I loooovvveee this!

Ok, this is not really cheap or something that I think I am going to buy – mainly because of the price…
But I wanted to blog about it anyways – course I think it is extremely pretty and I would looooveeee to have it in my closet!!
(Now the hunt starts to find a similar dress for a lot less money!)

asos.com, 138 Euros.

June 11, 2010

Summer trend...

A big trend this summer is ”Combat chick” – It is in all shops and in all fashion magazines – and personally I really like it and the way it combines combat colours and cuts with safari inspired looks and cuts while keeping a feminine twist!

Very summer-ish and very likable!

I have found a couple of examples to inspire you and get in the “combat” mood…
Dorothy Perkings, 34 Euros
Asos.com, 69 Euros
H&M, 17 Euros

Gina Tricot, 27 Euros
H&M, 11 Euros

Gina Tricot, 27 Euros


June 10, 2010

Iphone with ball-z!?

Whether you want to protect your Iphone or support a great cause, this case will do the trick - however it is a little.... out there.

Phoneballs cases are available in two colors, BlueBalls and PeachFuzz and retail for $15 - with 10% of the proceeds going to testicular cancer research, which is good - but really why this cheeasy design??

(Read more: CocoPerez http://cocoperez.com/#ixzz0qLBoTS36)

June 9, 2010

Different nails

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and several other celebs love their Minx nails(http://www.minxnails.com/dnn/) and now you can buy one of eight limited-edition patterns at Sephora.

Sephora has just started selling Minx nail prints for those looking for something quirky and different.

A set sells for only $15 in the store and you can also order them online - Go and get inspired!