September 26, 2011

Latest buyings

I have decided to make a small update to show some of the things I have been buying lately... Think I have found quite some nice and affordable things...

A lovely worm and modern cardigan from VILA 
for only 150 kr. (20,15 Euro)
 A porcelain ring from the Danish designer anne black
for 125 kr. (17 Euro)

A really nice top from Gina Tricot
for only 169 kr. (23 Euro)

A vase from Kahler from the new Decorate Shop in Randers
for only 199 kr. (27 Euro) 

A gold watch with diamond "numbers" from Christina London
I found it on sale for 417 kr. (56 Euro) (!!!!) in a jewellery store in Bruuns Galleri unfortunately I don't remember the name of the store.
Cool jeans from HandM
for only 199 kr. (27 Euro)

A pair of Converse shoes from Føtex
for only 350 kr. (47 Euro)

September 16, 2011

News in H&M´s HOME collection


I am a big fan of HandM´s HOME collection - they have so much cool, different and cheap stuff there! And luckily they very often - along with their clothes lines, change the collections and get new and trendy items!

Just now, they have once again made a new collection with lots of really nice stuff!
Here are some of the things I really like, but go and have a look yourself!

Pillowcase sold for only 69.95 kr. (9.39 Euro)
Cool teddy-cushion for 129 kr. (17.32 Euro)

Fabric-bag for shopping, laundry etc. for 39.95 kr. (5.36 Euro)
Really quite cushion-cover for 69.95 kr. (9.39 Euro)
A pack of two guest-towels for 69.95 kr. (9.39 Euro)
 Really nice beach-towel also for 69.95 kr. (9.39 Euro)

September 10, 2011

More cute cards from the sisters!

As I rote earlier, you can find really cute cards in the Danish store Søstrene Grene - and I seem to have developed a tendency not to resist buying them...! Well, it is always good to be prepared for birthdays and have a small layer of cards...!

They have gotten some new really affordable and really cute cupcake cards with glitter attached to them! I got the ones on the picture below - but there we3re plenty more to choose from!


One card sells for only approximately 6 kr. (0,81 Euro)

September 6, 2011

New rubber ballerinas!

I am the type of girl who does not own a pair of rubber boots - my solution has been to put on some flat sandals... they are nice to walk in and the rain can poor out. However a couple of weeks ago I was in the Danish city Aalborg and I found the perfect solution!

These rubber ballerinas are both cool, good to walk in and cheap! I found them in front of a shoe-store called Venini - and I just had to have them!

They were both reduced from 99 kr. (13,29 Euro)
and I got them for only 10 kr. (1,34 Euro) a pair!

September 4, 2011

Inditex Online Shopping

More and more stores are investing in E-commerce, which also seems to be the ongoing trend for consumers.

After the great results of the opening of Zara Home online in 2007 and Zara online in 2010, Inditex wants to expand success to the rest of their stores. On Tuesday the 6th of September the following stores will have their collections available online: Bershka , Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Uterqüe, Pull&Bear and Stradivarius.

You will be able to shop at the Bershka online store if you live in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands or the UK.

You can shop online at Stradivarius if you live in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Germany or France.

Massimo Dutti is opening their online store in 13 different markets, opening for the first time ever in new markets such as Denmark, Monaco and Austria.

Pull&Bear is opening in the following countries; Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and the UK. As a special promotion for the new website, the 1500 first buyers in online store will receive a Lomography camera for free.

Uterqüe is available in Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Belgium and many countries outside of Europe too.

Enjoy the (online) shoping!!

September 3, 2011

New trench

I found myself slightly cold when I visited Denmark some weeks ago, so I went looking for a warm solution; the trench-coat that I have been meaning to buy for some time.

I was lucky, the sales was still on and I found a great trench coat in Messenger by the brand mbyM. It was reduced from 1299 kr. (173€) to 200 kr. (26€).

September 1, 2011

H&M bargains

I used the "3 day offer" at H & M mentioned earlier and I think I got some pretty great things - and really really cheap!
Here is what I got :

A long necklace
was 39.95 kr. (5,37 Euro) 
reduced to 9.95 kr. (1.34 Euro)

was 129 kr. (17,32 Euro)
reduced to 20 kr. (2.68 Euro)
Shorts for swimming for my boyfriend
was 179 kr. (24 Euro)
reduced to 40 kr. (5.37 Euros)

White blazer for my boyfriend
was 349 kr. (46.85 Euro)
reduced to 89.50 kr. (12 Euro)

I also got this - however it was not on sale...
just had to have it!
39.95 kr. (5.36 Euro)