February 22, 2010

New nail trend

As we all know, it has been and still is, a big trend to use nail polish in colours following the trends of e.g. the trend colours in clothes… Last summer and in the fall it was black and this winter it was minty green.

The colour for spring and summer has been set by no other that CHANEL with their limited edition beige nail polish!
And who doesn’t want to be chick like CHANEL??

However CHANEL isn´t exactly known for their cheap prices – so here is a small tip on how to get your hands on some cheap and good quality polish:

The label is called “Depend”
In this picture you see a selection of their colours and they are very good at following the trend colours so off course they too have a beige nail polish almost identical to the one from Chanel – and really, no one can tell if it’s a designer nail polish once it is on the nails!

I buy mine in Denmark in a chain called “Matas” but you can also bye them in many other perfume stores e.g. Douglas and on the internet. The price is a mere sum of 3,5 Euros!
So go to your local perfume store and get your cheap trendy nail polish!!

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