March 29, 2010

Sale alert!!!

Rigth now you can get a 30% on items at !

Bling bling...

This is new - Contackt lenses with swarovski encrushed stones!
Can not imagine that these are in any way possible comfortable to wear!

March 28, 2010

Cool Nails

I am a big fan of playing with the look of my nails – Think it started when I was in Japan and saw how creative and cool they used their nails as accessories to their hair, clothes etc.

So when I came home, I off course wanted to do something similar and I found something called FIMO bars on the internet. You can apply them on your own nails or on fake ones – and really really play with the look – and it costs next to nothing (I bought 50 mixed ones for 2 euros) - Love it!

I buy mine at a homepage called but I know that if you Google “FIMO Bars, nails” you will easily find a supplier near you…

Here are some inspiration:


March 27, 2010


Ok - I get that tatoos are kinda trendy and I like them! The real ones that is - apparently Chanel likes them as well and now they have launched this ark of fake tatoos - I must admit I do not like it and I think it seems a bit too - lets put our name on everything... Maybee the crises has hit the big fashionhouses ass well....

However here is an example of some of the tattoos:

You get 55 taatoos for 75 dollers. Not really a bargain is you ask me...

March 26, 2010

Free shipping!!

Asos offers free shipping until sunday! Soooo go and have a look!

March 18, 2010

UGG and Jimmy Choo are making a collection!

This is... different!

I get that Choo chose to collaborate with HandM and make affordable heels - but I did not see this one comming - and I am very curious as to see the result!

This is a cutt from the press release:
UGG® Australia and Jimmy Choo Announce a Limited Edition Collaboration
(New York, NY) January11, 2010 - UGG® Australia and Jimmy Choo are pleased to announce a collaboration for limited edition co-branded "UGG® & Jimmy Choo" women's sheepskin footwear products. The capsule collection will be available in store from October 2010.

The collection is based on the iconic UGG® Australia boot construction with design details that embody the spirit of the Jimmy Choo brand. The collection encompasses 5 styles in multiple color variations and will be priced between $495-$795.

The boots will be available in an exclusive limited distribution, only at Jimmy Choo and UGG® Australia stores and a selection of prestigious department and specialty stores that carry Jimmy Choo shoes. In addition, the collaboration products will be available on the and websites.

New collections

H&M's new summer collections have hit both stores and the net shop!
It is not only the clothe line that has got a new collection but also their HOME line and there are some really cute and chick things there!
I have chosen some items to show you but go and have a look yourself! Its definitely worth it!

March 17, 2010

Home made t-shirts and more

If you feel creative and miss a t-shirt expressing your own message, now there is an easy way to create one easily.
The web page is called Cafe press and here you can find already made and popular clothes, as well as drinkware, posters and home decor.
The funny part is that you can personally design your own t-shirt, mug, bag, apron, clock... and the list goes on. It's not very expensive, e.g.. the t-shirts sell for between 20-30 USD.

Below I have created some examples...

Trendy pants

Ok - I have seen this trend coming for a while now - but I have to admit I do not like it at all! However sense it is a trend I decided to blog about it anywho....

These pairs are both from for only 15 Euros.

This pair is from and costs 23 Euros.

March 16, 2010

Lady Gaga

Take a look at this fierze new video from LADY GAGA!! Really gagalicious!

Sample sale

I LOVE sample sale!
Once a year the Bestseller group sells out off their samples – you can really find some good stuff for no money at all and the best thing is that you can be sure that no one else has something like it! However there is often only a very small range of sizes available so you have to have a good portion of luck as well to be able to find something you like that actually fit. But when you do – its differently a bargain!

I only found a top this time – but I was also in a hurry…
It was 10 euros but because it was missing a belt I got it for 6 Euros.

Go to your local Bestseller and have a look!

March 15, 2010

This is a bargain

I just went to have a look at H&M's homepage and saw this amazing offer!
You can buy one of the dresses you can see on the pictures, all on sale from 130 kr. reduced to 39 kr.!!! I do not know is the offer is only on the Danish webside but go and have a look - It is really really cheap!

Small pleasures…

These 2 are my latest shopping results – I am very broke this month (what else is new…) so I try to keep to buying small and cheap stuff.

Pic. 1: A bracelet from H&M with a great summer pattern full of flowers and girly colours. 39 kr. (5 Euros)

Pic. 2: Round earrings with small white flower – sooo cute. I bought them in Gina Tricot for 100 kr. (13 Euros)

March 13, 2010

Accessories from Promod

Found these two cute necklaces yesterday in Promod, It's a French clothing shop, to find many different places in Barcelona. The clothes are nice, a bit like the woman collection of Zara, but I especially like their accessories. These necklaces were both reduced to 5€ per piece.

March 11, 2010


Just wanted to let everyone know that this week you can get a 100 kr. discount (ca. 13 Euros) on all blazers and jackets in H&M!!

A good opportunity to get your new spring jacket!

March 10, 2010


Ok - I know this is not an actual faschion or sale update, but I just had to tell someone about this bizzare thing!

Its a shoe - looking ok at first sigth however the bottom of the shoe has been made from Elephant shit! But why I ask!!??

London designer INSA created these shoes...

March 9, 2010

Sale alert!!!

It is final sales time now - and one place worth checking out is Dorothy Perkins homepage..

Now you get up to 70% off!! and you can find some really great bargins. Here are some examples og things I like from their final sale...

Trendy top, 8 Euros

Sparkling jacket for 10 Euros

Jeans for 15 Euros

Dress for 20 Euros

Dress 25 Euros.

Shoe 28 Euros.

March 8, 2010

And the world went ”Alice in wonderland” mad…

After the release of Tim Burtons “Alice in wonderland” fashionistas all over the world has turned to the cinemas to see this beautifully made, wonderful imaginative and extremely fashionable movie!

Inspired of the movie many designers have released "Alice" inspired items; Here is a small range of items to be found…
Disney Couture.

Irregular Choice

Rare Fantasy
Paul and Joe
You can find all of the above mentioned at:

March 7, 2010

New things in my closet...

This week I have (of course) been out shopping - I have not been using much money because I did my shopping in H&M...

I have been thinking about summer trends and taking that under consideration when shopping the last month or so - I don't really want more winter clothes and have been and are looking for items I can use for spring and summer instead.
This is my last 2 buyings:
A top with a waterfall effect in blue and white douched colours (blue is supposed to be a big colour this season) in a cloud-ish pattern that I really like. (22 Euros)
This is a cool alternative to a suit - love the stripes and even though it was only 200 kr. (25 Euros) the fabric looks and feels much more expensive! I am going to use it as a blouse now and as a jacket during summertime...

End of sales shopping

So the sales have come to their end for this time and it's the moment when the shops really want to get rid of the last of their stock from last season and practically give their stuff away. During this time, with a little bit of patient and especially if you have a size which is a bit different from the average (XS or XL) you can really find some interesting offers.

I went to Zara and found a black formal dress (perfect for work) and a see trough black t-shirt with a asymmetrical neck. The dress was 30€ now reduced to 6€. The t-shirt was 26€, also now reduced to 6€.