December 10, 2009

It´s time to dress up!


Christmas time is comming soon - and with it, a lot of wonderful christmas parties and oppertunities to dress up!!

But what should we wear this year?

I have found som cheap dresses all following some of the main trends this year.

Look out for short dresses and sharp sholders!

Hope you get inspired!

From the top:

1. Cool stropless dres from Dorothy Perkins

2. glittery beautiful dress from Top Shop

3. Dress with a different neck from

4. Sweet dres with a big ribbon from

5. The hottie this season with big shoulders from H and M.

Regards and merry christmas


December 3, 2009

Sonia Rykiel

Another designer is hitting the stores for H and M!

As you must have seen by now - Sonya ryikel has designed a line of underwear for H and M and it is going to be in the shops from the 5. this month... A grets time to shop a christmasgift for yourself or for a christmas gift!

But this is not all......

Sonya Rykiel is going to be back in H and M already in February! - This time with a clothing line - can´t wait to see that!!

To see the latest fashion show:


Regards me

November 16, 2009

Bracelets - and lots of them!

As you may know - It has been and still is very IN with big bracelets - and lots of them all at once! ... And if you did not know - then get started rigth here!

I have found a couple of examples from some of the cheaper highstreet shops in my area.

Here goes:
These bangles are from h and m - they have a range of different ones all at affordable prices...

The bracelet in this picture (the one with the pearls) is from Gina Tricot - This is a bit more rough but the (very fashinable) pearls softens it up and makes it a cool assecori!

This bracelet is from Top Shop - a bit more pricy than the others - but it is so cute and special that I would pay a little extra to own this one...

November 9, 2009

Great brand discouts in Vente privée

Vente privée is a French online shop, where they do outlets of different brands that last 2-3 days.
Here they sell everything from clothes to accessorizes, home appliances, cd's, books, theatre tickets, jewellery and bigger things like fridges and cars! The products are normally stocks from previous seasons that they want to get rid off. Therefore you can really find some great discounts with up to 80 % off.
Currently they are only present France, Germany, Spain, UK and Italy and in order to be a member, you have to get an invitation from an already existing member. The existing member will then get a voucher after the invited person has done his/her first shopping.
You have to be fast as the stock and the good sizes get sold out soon, but you can also do some great deals.
I found this watch from Tommy Hilfiger (with a silver frame, not gold as on the picture). It was discounted from 130 euros to 40 euros (plus the shipping charges: 6 euros). I received it more and less a month after ordering in, in great conditions.

Please visit the webpage:

November 5, 2009

I finally found it!!
I have been chasing a necklace like the one Rihanna is wearing on this picture:
I found my copy of the necklace in H and M the other day in the same style! - I am soooo happy!


This is dangerous!!!

I have just found a new web site selling soooo cheap and cool clothes!
Do not look is you do not want to spend money!

The adr. is:

These pictures are just a few e.g. of goods for for 10 Euro or under:

October 30, 2009

Another must have...

Hi again

This season there is a lot of "must haves" and here is yet another one from me...
Rivets are a big hit everywhere and on everything - only your imagination sets the limets...
You will find the rivets on shoes, bags, gloves, jackets, bracelets, hairbands etc.

Becaurse it is such a big trend you can find it in all highstreetshops ranging from the most expensive ones to (our all time favourite) H and M... But the absolut best thing about this trend is, that you can make it yourself!!

I have turned a pair of shoes from last seacon into a faschion scoop just by adding some rivets! and it cost me next to nothing! So go to your local hobby store and get your rivets - and 1,2,3 you have your one fashionable unike item for this season! I used them on my old shoes - but you can also use them on e.g. bags and clothes...

Regards Me

October 29, 2009

ASOS Sales shopping

I could not not buy anything at the ASOS sales, they really had some good offer.
I bought the following things, all ASOS products;

The Flirt Back Seam Thights; 5,88 € (unfortunately not on sales)

The Coloured Supper Skinny Patent Waist Belt. Was 5,88€, now on sales for 3,53€

The Ruffle Neck Mac. Was 70,59€ and now on sales for 35, 29€.

October 28, 2009

Hello fellow shopaholics!

I have another very dangoures site for you - it is a secondhand internetshop selling luxuryes used goods...

So if you are anything like me - and do not mind a 2hand bag if the label is e.g. CHANEL, GUCCI or FENDI then this is a great place to look for bargains!!

PS: This is a danish site - so if you live abroad it can be expensive to get the goods send to you...


October 22, 2009

A season must have

One of this seasons must haves is fur...

You can find fur in every shop these days and there is a lot of different variants such as gloves, hats, wests, coats etc. As long as you have something furry - you are on the right fashion track.......

Personally I have narrowed it down to (so far...) a collar in fur - I bought it at H and M for 80 kr. (about 10 Euro.). So to follow this trend, you do not have to spend your months pay - and we do like that!!

I have posted a few photos you can use as inspiration when choosing your "furry friend" this winter.

Regards Me

October 21, 2009

Sale alert!!

Hello all you shoppers!

Heres a tip you can not affort to mis; It is time for midseason SALE at

Go and get your bargains before it is to late!


October 20, 2009

Uniqlo - hottest new shop in Paris

I love Paris and as we all know it is supposed to be the hearth of fashion. Nevertheless, for someone looking not to spend too much money, it is not always easy to find places to shop. Sure the high street shops are of course located on all the main streets of the city, but for me who lives in Barcelona where the clothes are cheaper it would not be worth shopping there.
But there was one new shop that I had to visit; Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a Japanese shop, which in Europe currently you will only find in London and Paris. It is supposed to be the Japanese competition to HandM, Zara, Mango and co, offering to their customer good quality, modern clothes in all colours for reasonable money. The shop in Paris opened op little over 2 weeks ago, so needless to say the interest for the new shop was big. As you can see on the picture there was a huge line to get in, so I guess you can imagine how it was inside.

It was truly crazy inside; people and clothes every where. The sales assistants (many with Asian origins) was trying without luck to put the clothes back in order and create a presentable shop.
There was 3 floors; Men on the upper floor, Men/Women on the floor 0 and Women in -1. Compared to the size of many Primemark stores, this did not impress me in size. In was big, but not huge...

Concerning the clothes, I was not impressed. Sure they had cheap skinny jeans, cardigans all the colours of the rainbow and cute tuxedos. But it was very normal, nothing very modern as you see in HandM and the prices all though cheap (jeans between 30-50 euros) it was not cheaper or much different than the things you can find in Zara.

Saying this, I still fell for their opening offer: skinny jeans discounted from 30 euros to 10 euros. I took the chance and bought them without trying (couldn't stand standing in two enormous lines) and luckily they were the right size (after consulting with a sales assistant I found out that a size 27 was a size 38) and fitting well.
The line after all only took 10 minutes and the sales assistants at the till were exaggerated friendly.
Not the most pleasant shopping experience, but I just had to see the new kid in town!

My first trend update


Well I think it is about time I try to come with some good shopping adwise - I am planning to contribute to the site with shopping scoops and afordable tips from my trawels and from Denmark where I live. Apart form this I will give some tips on what current trends and where I think you can get the trends for affordable prices.

As I have not been traweling for some time now, this update will be about a trend and what better trend to talk about in these cold times than the trendy ladylike gloves we see everywhere??

I have(off caurse) -been to H&M and they have several wery affordable gloves!
On the 2 first pictyres I have enclosed you can se the ones I have chosen - but they have several!
The last pic. is for inspiration
I can also recomend a trip to Gina Tricot (a fashion store a bit simular to Zara and H&M), Top Shop and accessories. They all have very nice ones and all to affordable prices...

That was all from me this time
Sorry about my spelling mistakes.....

October 11, 2009

Mid season sales in Maremagnum

The other day I went to Maremagnum. It's a shopping centre by the harbor of Barcelona where you can find the most common shops which you also will find on the big shopping streets. The advantages with this place are 1) a roof over your head if it should be raining (not likely in Barcelona) and 2) and most importantly; they are open every day of the year (except the 25th of December and the 1st of January).
In Maremagnum I went by
H+M, a small shop comparing to the big H+M shops you will find in Portal del Angel (one of the main shopping streets in the centre), but as it’s small it’s also easier to grasp. Luckily they had just started their mid season sales, discounting a lot of clothes to the price of 10 and 5 €. And I manage to find some bargains...
I bought a striped t-shirt (furthest to the left), which was not on sales but had the low price of 5,95€. Then I found a cute summer top, slightly transparent, with a ribbon around the waist (in the middle) and at a cost of 5€, discounted from 19,90€. And then I found a short black/grey striped cardigan (on the right), perfect for office use also for 5€, discounted from 14,95€.
I said it before and I'll say it again; I'll never get tired of shopping in

October 10, 2009

Mango Outlet

Outlets are a great way to amplify your wardrobe without having to spend a lot of money.
There are many outlets in Barcelona, spread all over the city. Not far from where I live, there is a street only with outlet shops where you get find great bargains.
Yesterday I went by Mango Outlet, without a doubt my favorite store on
that street.
With outlets you have to have a lot of patience and a little bit of luck. In the Mango outlets they sell two kinds of lines; the "taras" meaning clothes from this season but with mistakes and often with a 50% or more discount. Then they sell clothes and
accessories from past seasons (what ever did not get sold in the shops and during the sales) among which you can find clothes with starting at a 30% discount. Sometimes you find many nice things and sometimes nothing at all, depending on if they just brought new stocks or not. It is recommendable to go to the outlets during sales season (in Barcelona they start the 7th of January and the 1st of July), when you will find all the already discounted clothes on sales and you can clothes for ridiculously cheap prices.
I found this really cute white top (see picture above), discounted from 24,90€ to 11,99€ and now 7,99 €.
To find the nearest Mango Outlet next to you, go to: