March 27, 2012



Now, this is an Easter egg I would really enjoy!

This Easter the Danish based liquorice firm has launched a special Easter edition! A great replacement from the cheap chocolate Easter-eggs we normally buy!

The small "bulbs" of enjoyment comes in different lovely colours - and tastes of strawberry, raspberry, oranges, lemon and mint all with a delicious centre of sweet liquorice!

Small "Easter egg" 70 kr. (9,41 Euro)
Easter BIG 100 kr. (13,45 Euro)

March 19, 2012

The Marni collection

The Marni collection for HandM hit the stores a couple of weeks ago - I think it was a success, the collection was a lot cooler than latest other HandM collaborations.

The collection was as good as sold out on-line the same day as it launched - so you had to be quick if you wanted some of the good stuff.

I got this t-shirt which i found very cool and by buying the t-shirt you also support the Red Cross with 25 % of the cost!

 T-shirt from Marni
149 kr. (20 Euro)

If you haven't gotten your hands on your faw item yet - I have seen, that there are still some left in the store selling it in Aarhus (The one on Clements Broen).

March 16, 2012

LOVE my new bag!!

I have just gotten a new bag - and I really really love it!

As I am a big fan of designer bags but do not really have the economic to buy the really expensive ones - i choose to see if it was possible to find a 2. hand bag - which I could afford.

Most people now know and use the Danish site "Trendsales" and I cannot stress enough how amazing the concept is! It is not only a great place to sell your own things but in deed also a great place to get your hands on many items - which in most cases have been used but it is almost always possible to find some really great deals with items which haven't been used much and pay A LOT LESS than in the shops!

I fell in love with this See by chloé bag - which had only been used 3 times!

The original price was 3500 kr. (471 Euro) 
- I got the seller to agree to sell it to me for only 1400 kr. (188 Euro)!

Just be couches when shopping used items - some of them are fake - be sure to get the recite and dust bag!

March 8, 2012

45 min. to go...!

In 45 minutes the Marni collection for HandM are released!

You can already now see the collection and select your faw´s - fashion spokeswoman from the Danish magazine Eurowoman has indicated that this collection is going to be sold out really quick - and advices people to be on-line when the collection lounges to get their hands on their favoured Marni item!