August 29, 2011

Hurry up!

H and M has just send out an email saying that they reduce all sales items with an additional 50%!

But you have to hurry up cause the site is really busy - you get thrown of a lot - and it is only for 3 days... including today!


August 27, 2011

Second-hand find

I work in a second-hand store in Aarhus called Jolly kk - which has its advantages. You get to see everything before the customers and at great prices!

I almost always find something there that I just have to take home... in the past I have found e.g. cool ladylike "gloves", clothes, crystal vases, a top from COS, a small clutch and cool table-wear. The really great thing about finding cool things in a second hand store is, that you can leave there with a good conscience - you get something unique and at the same time you help someone who is really in need! A really nice feeling!

This week I found a really 80´ties kitsch picture with silver print... really cool!


August 24, 2011

Sweet cards from Søstrene Grene

The other day I went to one of the Danish Søstrene Grene stores - I often do that in the end of the month as things are so cheap there that one can always afford something! And they have so many quite things!

I found these adorable greeting cards - end even though I don't really need them I got a couple because I couldn't resist them!

I got these two - but there are many more to choose from and they only cost 4 kr. (0,54 Euro)!


August 22, 2011

Liquorice from Johan Bülow

Ok, this isn't really a fashion update in the traditional sense - like clothes, shoes or interior but in its own way this liquorice is a bit fashionable in itself! And it is soooo delicious!

If you like liquorice - you should really try Johan Bülows... they are really good, they try unusual taste combinations - and you get them in a quite little box!
The newest flavour - and my faw is one called "B" - is is white chocolate covered liquorice with a passion-fruit powder on top! May sound a bit funny - but it really works!

However they are not cheap - they sell for 50 (6,71 Euro) kr. for the "normal" ones and 65 kr.(8,73 Euro) for the chocolate covered ones. But they are worth every penny!

In Aarhus, where I live the chain Decorate Shop sell them and if you are not in the Aarhus area you can order then on this website :


August 20, 2011

New Gina Tricot opening in Aarhus

 The second Gina Tricot store is opening very soon in Aarhus! The new store is going to be placed in "City Vest"-  a shopping centre placed in Brabrand, Aarhus.

I don't quite understand their reason to open the store so far away from the city centre as I think a second store there would do very well! However I live just next to the centre so I am very happy - just have to be careful not to go there too often!!

The store is going to be reactivate big and it is opening September 1th - hope they have great opening offers!


August 17, 2011

Karl Lagerfield for Coca Cola

Karl Lagerfield has as he did last year designed a cool Coca Cola Light collection! This year there are 3 different designs to choose from - if you can choose!

As seen on the picture above there all in pink, black and white colours - one with stars, one with stripes and one with dots!

I have only found them one place in Denmark - in 7-eleven! And they only cost 19.95 kr. (2,68 Euro) each. However they sell out really fast, so if you to would like some of these affordable design goodies, hurry to your local 7-eleven and get your bottles!

I choose the ones with stripes and dots! I am considering using mine as candle holders in the kitchen, but they are also very cute with a flower ore simply as a decoration!


August 6, 2011

3as rebajas - more sales

I had another look at the remaining sales last week, and what do you know - there are still great bargains to be found:

I got the leopard skirt for 9,95€, in stead of 29,95€

I had my eyes on this white tulip dress from Zara for quite a while and luckily I stumbled on it! Reduced from 49.95€ to 19,95€.

Blue top also from Zara. Reduced from 15,95€ to 3,95€

I also accidentally ended up in Woman's secret where they had great bargains on sport wear, pyjamas', underwear and other relaxing clothes. This t-shirt was reduced from 14,95 to 2,95. I also got a sport's top the same colour for 1,95€ reduced from 12,95€.