April 29, 2010

Hats are back!

Apparently hats are back in fashion again this year – Soooo you can use your hats from last summer or you can go and get a new one if you weren’t in on the hat fetish last season…

I have found a couple of different ones to inspire you…
Hat from topshop.com for 20 Euros

H&M for 9 Euros

asos.com for 12 Euros

another asos hat for 46 Euros

Sweet purses

I found these really nice purses in ”Tiger” (A cheep chain in Denmark selling most things for 10 kr. App. 1,5 Euro). The purses are in really sweet fabrics and they look like small undies – really quite!

One pair/purse was 10 kr. (1,5 Euro) and they come in two different sizes.

April 28, 2010

Hakei - nice new discovery

I just discovered this new clothing shop, Hakei. Even if the name sounds Japanese, apparently it's a Spanish clothing shop. As far as I can see from their website, they have shops in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and in the Basque country - basically only in Spain.
The style of the shops is trendy, sort of urban and casual - reminded me a bit of comptoir des cotonniers (French, a bit overprices clothing chain).

The clothes are okay, nothing out of the ordinary. Prices are a bit higher than where I normally shop (read H&M), but not over the roof neither..

But honestly, first time I visited the shops, I didn't even looked at the clothes. What caught my eyes were the bags! Cool, beautiful leather bags in all sorts of size and shapes. And what's more, they are not even that expensive (at least compared to the prices of the clothes). They all cost between 100 - 150€ (around 1000 kr.) which I definitely am willing to pay for a nice bag (which I normally have troubles finding!).
Here are some examples (I have not made up my mind yet, which is my favourite)

Worth mentioning are also the shoes - many of them also made of nice soft leather..

April 27, 2010

I surrender...

Ok, I know I said earlier, that I would never follow the trend with sailer shoes - however I changed my mind...

I have a good friend who uses them and after looking at hers for a while I have to surrender - and I bougth a pair of my own the other day. Luckily I found a really cheap pair.
They are from H&M (where else??) and was reduced from 169 kr. to 50 kr.
(Was 22,5 Euro and I payed app. 7 Euros)

The sale starts today at Dorothy Perkins

The sale has started at http://www.dorothyperkings.com/ this morning and there are offers with up to a 50 % discount...


April 26, 2010


A lot of designers have worked together with some of the biggest cola brands and designed their own limited edition bottles of the drinks.

In a way I think this is kinda silly - I mean why?? To give the "not so rich" of us the oppertunity to "taste" the designer life?

But with that said, the bottles themselves are actually kinda cool and here are some of the newest examples.

Manolo Blahnik for Coca Cola, 2009
Karl Lagerfield for Coca Cola, 2010

April 24, 2010

St. Jordi's day

Nothing to do with shopping, just wanted to share some Catalan culture with you.

Yesterday, here in Catalonia there was St. Jordi. It's like this Catalan St. Valentine's day where all the men have to give a rose to the girls and the girls have to give a book to them men. So all the streets of Barcelona were full of people selling roses and books, which is actually very nice.

The tradition comes from this story that a girl was locked in a tower and St. Jordi came to rescue her. And when he killed the dragon the blood that came out turned into a rose. Can't remember where the book comes in to the story..

Anyways, here are the lovely roses by boyfriend put together for me

More H&M shopping..

Just got my internet back after going one week without because of a dead modem - I feel like I am back in civilisation!

So yesterday, I stopped by H&M to see what new items they had got, and a found a couple of things;

It's like this long t-shirt/dress, which goes perfectly with leggings. It was only 5€ (37kr) and not even on sales!

Then I bought these shoes. I actually already have them, bought the same last year but I liked them so much and used them so much so they are all used up and ready to get thrown out. They are only 10€, so I thought it was a good investment for the summer.

April 23, 2010

Ready for the beach...

I just bought a new coooool bikini – it’s a little granny in the design, which I LOVE and think is super cool!

(…and it has an amazing ability to hide the “small” lumps around the belly area…)

Bikini from H&M 230 kr.
31 Euros.

Now, all I need it the beach on the picture........

April 22, 2010

Sales alert!

The sale has started on topshop.com with lots of summer clothes and shoes...

April 21, 2010

HandM bargains

I have found a few very cheap new things in H&M recently…

29 kr.
4 Euros.
I love this top, it is so cute and I am going to wear it with slim jeans or with short shorts in summer.

79 kr.
10,5 Euros.
This top is good for everything and the best part is, that it looks way more expensive than it actually is.

April 20, 2010

Britney unretouched

If you are worried about getting in shape before summer and bikini time, have a look at these pics. On Britney's request, she asked that the original version of this picture should be published with the retouched one. And what do you know... she actually has cellulite and is not as thin as the retouched picture.

Retouched picture

Original picture

So knowing that even the stars have cellulite like the rest of us humans, maybe we can start relaxing and actually enjoy the beach!

Spring nails

I have been talking about the cheap nail polish label "Depend" before and they just keep following the trends and the seasons - which I like! Yesterday I felt like "sprinning up my look" however the weather did not agree, so I decided to paint my nails in a lovely purple spring inspired color - this way at least my hands are ready for the sun to come out!

And yes, I know that my hands are pretty pale and I agree that the purple color will look much much nicer when I get a tan - but this will have to do for now........

Purple nail polish from Matas 25 kr. (3 Euros)

April 19, 2010

Hide your crack...

This is funny!!

Now you can buy these little handy things which intention is to hide your cracks when whering low cut pants!
Not that I need these - but sometimes one sees girls who might.............

Sonia Rykiel sale

Didént get the cance to buy some of H&M lovely things from the collection they made with Sonia Rykiel?? There is still time - and now for lesser money!

H&M are selling out from their stock on their netshop at discount prices!
Here are some examples:
129 kr. (17 Euros)

179 kr. (24 Euros)

199 kr. (26,5 Euros)

April 17, 2010

Shoes from Mango Outlet

I had a look in Mango outlet the other day and found these nice summer sandals. They are made of suede in this salmon / beige colour that you see a lot of this season. They will be useful for work and dinners (not good with heals so shouldn't do too much walking in them..).

The before price was 55€ (410kr.), they were reduced to 25€ (190kr)

Sales results from Asos

The mid season , sales on Asos.com ended on Thursday so I hurried up buying the things I had put a side in my bag.

Bikini top with polka dots (I am addicted to polka dots by the way) - before 15€, now 10€

Matching bikini pants - before 15€ now 10€

Top, before shown on this blog, pink with a black lace - now on sale for 13,75€.

With the delivery, I paid all in all 39,75€.

All I need now is to wait until the summer comes, which should be at any moment now. Normally from the month of May it is possible to go to the beach in Barcelona, so I am counting the days to break in the bikini :)

April 16, 2010

"Cheap" designer watches!

I am currently looking for a new watch - I do not have any money for one right now, but a girl can always dream!! On my "seartch" I found a new webpage that I found very interesting! They sell designer goods at high markdowns - it is goods such as jewellery, sunglasses and watches. Unfortunatly (for some) they only send to Denmark...

This is the webpage:
and these are some og the things I liked:
Guess watch
was: 1.495 kr. Now: 995 kr.

Was: 2.145 kr. Now: 1.695 kr.

Was: 2.295 kr. Now: 995 kr.

Was: 2.695 kr. Now: 1.795 kr.

April 15, 2010

Bikini sale - Victoria's secret

Just now ”Victoria’s secret” has a sale on manyof their bikinis!!

There are a lot off really gorgeous bikinis there sooooo if you need a new swim outfit for the upcoming summer (and really, who doesn’t??) go and have a look!

Sweet bikini for only 20 USD + postage

Cool bikini for the mere sum of 29 USD + postage

Another sweet piece for 51 USD + postage