February 23, 2011

Bag shopping on Vente Privée

I have been searching for ages for a new black leather bag and I can't seem to find any in the shops.

But I looked on Vente Privée today and found the sale of Abbacino bags and found this nice black leather bag (at least I hope it is as nice as on the picture). It was on sale from 146€ to 59€. Looking forward to receive it!

February 16, 2011

Sunglass scoop!!

It is very rare I have found such cheep designer sunglasses - at least here in Denmark.

However yesterday I managed to find some extremely cheep sunglasses. The Thiele store ( A Danish glass/sunglasses chain ) just next to where i live is closing and therefore all their sunglasses are sold for 100 kr. (13.3 Euros) regardless of the normal price.

There are lots of designer brands and lots of cool sunglass designs. I bourgth a pair for my boyfriend and a pair for myself.

If you too would like to get a pair hurry up and vivit their store in City Vest, Århus.
(I think the offer ends the 26 of February)

I left the store in a really good mood and 1700 kr. saved!! (226.7 Euros)

This is what I got:

The two pairs I bourgth

This is the pair for my boyfriend.
From Georg Jensen Was : 995 kr. (132.7 Euros)
Now : 100 kr. (13.3 Euros)

This is my pair.
From DKNY Was : 925 (123.3 Euros)
Now : 100 kr. (13.3 Euros)

February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's day...

yesterday... Hope you all had a nice one.

Here is the present my lovely boyfriend gave me :)

February 14, 2011

Last sales bargains...

February is when the stores just want to get rid of what they have left from the January sales - therefore you may be lucky and find something you like and practically get it thrown in your bag for next to nothing!
I found a couple of things in Gina Trocot - I visited both one in Aalborg and the one in Aarhus - this is what I found...

 3 pairs of earrings from Gina tricot in Aalborg.
Was : 59 kr. (6.90 Euros) Now : 15 kr. (2 Euros)

Necklace from Gina Trocot in Aalborg
Was : 129 kr. (14.90 Euros) Now : 19 kr. (2,5 Euros)

Black dress from Gina Tricot in Aarhus
Was : 299 kr. (34.90 Euros) Now : 50 kr. (6.7 Euros)

February 13, 2011

Exposition: Voyage en Capitale, Louis Vuitton et Paris

While I was in Paris I was also slightly cultural; I went to this expo about the suitcases of Louis Vuitton and I can highly recommend it. The expo was called Voyage en Capitale, Louis Vuitton et Paris and it showed the work of the Louis Vuitton house from when they opened it 1854 until now.

This case is one of the newer ones and was designed to hold Manolo Blahnic shoes.

This case was especially designed for Karl Lagerfeld for his ipod.

Pariiiiiiiiiis, je t'adore!

I visited Paris last weekend and enjoyed my time by strolling around in the city, visiting boutiques and eating wonderful French food.

My first interesting stop was at the newly opened H&M at 88 avenue des Champs-Elysees.

The store was impressivly big, problably the biggest H&M I have ever visited. Turns out that it opened last October and that it has been designed my the famous architect Jean Nouvel (same architect who designed the Torre Agbar here in Barcelona). The store has 3 levels and 2800 square meters!

It was truly enjoyable walking around in a H&M store where you can easily see the entire collections as there for once were enough space for all the clothing they wanted to show. Another pleasant suprise was the nice customer service; not long after entering the shop, a sales assistant offered us a bag to carry everything in. Further more, to avoid too long queues, there was also a common fitting room for girls, which I thought was practical especially when you go shopping with friends. But watch out, a girl wanted to try on my scarf, a scarf that I already bought in H&M a year ago!

I also discovered that they are about to open an Ambercrombie & fitch on the Champs - Elysees. Apparently it is supposed to open in May-June of this year and they are already recruiting Paris' best looking guys to be there to welcome us when they open the doors.

Then our trip continued to the famous street of rue du Faubourg St.-Honoré, where you will find only luxury stores (except from a lonely Zara boutique); Hermes, Dolce & Gabanna, Lanvin, Chanel and many more.

On the corner across from the presidential residency, Palais de l’Elysee, you will find this amazing looking Prada store.

At 68 rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré, you will find the famous Christian Louboutin shoe boutique. I believe even Carrie (SATC) visited the store while she was living in Paris. In this magnificent store you will find pricy shoes, a Paris wheel spinning around with classy high heels, and a line of Japanese tourists outside waiting to get in.

If you feel like something sweet after all the shopping/window shopping, I would recommend a visit to Ladurée, especially known for selling Paris' best "macarons" - they are looovely!

February 7, 2011

Did you know...

... that the high street brand Gina Tricot has started designing glasses?

The glasses are only sold in the glass stores called "Synoptik" in Denmark - I am not aware where or if they are sold in other countries.

The collection is inspired by the the sharp lines of the 50´ and 60´- with a modern touch. Each glass design is called the name of female Hollywood actresses such as e.g. Ginger Rogers and Grace Kelly. The first glass collection hit the stores the 15. of November.

A pair sells for 999 kr. (113,2 Euros)

Here are a couple of picks I snatched in my Synoptik!

Go to www.synoptik .dk for more info!


February 3, 2011

Forever 21 will arrive to Barcelona!

It's confirmed, Forever 21 will open in Barcelona in the shopping centre La Maquinista!! Exciting news!!

Nevertheless, it is unclear when it will open. According to this article: http://www.distribucionactualidad.com/noticia/9742/Retail/llega-forever21-low-cost-low-cost.html , Forever 21 will open in March. But according to the webpage of the Maquinista the shop will open in June 2011 (http://www.lamaquinista.com/W/do/centre/ficha-tienda-forever_21).

No matter when it will be, it seems like I will be returning to la Maquinista in the near future...