January 27, 2012

News from Johan Bülow

The Danish based Johan Bülow famous for their great - and not so cheap liquorice is soon coming with yet another delicious new flavour!   

Sweet liquorice, white Belgium chocolate and strawberries - jummy!

January 24, 2012

January sales - Denmark

I have - off cause - also been out finding bargains from this years first sales-period! The sales here in Denmark has really increased in the last couple of years - and this year, almost everywhere the sales were up to 70 percent off already in the second week of January! A poor sign for the economy but a great opportunity to find great bargains! However this also means, that a lot off the good stuff got sold out very fast - so you had to be quick!

This is what I have found...
Cool watch from Skagen
was 898 kr. (120,77 Euro) reduced to 449 kr. (60,39 Euro)

A trendy and lovely shirt from Vera Moda
reduced to 75 kr. (10 Euro)

 Top/dress from Vera Moda
reduced to 75 kr. (10 Euro)

Imitated leather corset from Gina Tricot
was 149 kr. (20 Euro) reduced to 50 kr. (6,7 Euro)

Fashionable red jeans from Gina Tricot
was 199 (27 Euro) reduced to 100 kr. (13,45 Euro)

Cool widget-heel boots from T.R.E.N.D
was 449 kr. (60,39 Euro) reduced to 149 kr. (20 Euro)

January 22, 2012

Winter sales in Barcelona

As usual, the winter sales here in Barcelona started on the 7th of January. I was not there because I spent that weekend in the UK (another post about that is coming up), nevertheless I have done my sales shopping here in Barcelona this weekend and last weekend. Since it has already been two weeks since the sales started, many stores has already started with the"segunda rebajas" meaning that the prices have reduced even more.
Zara started of the sales with a 30-40% discount, but now two weeks later, it was already possible to find things which were 50-70% discounted.
Mango did not start of with discounting all their clothes with 50% like during the summer sales, but also with a 30-40%. Nevertheless, this weekend all the clothes were at 50% off.
H&M had also quite nice discounts, and I found several things around 70% discounted.
Here are the bargains I have found (so far...):

White t-shirt from Zara. Was reduced from 29.99€ to 17.99€.

Cardigan from Mango suit. Was 29.99€ and now on sales for 14.99€.

Black wedges from Zara - they were 39.99€ and now reduced to 13.99€. Very happy to find them as my old black wedges needed to be replaced...

Blue dress from Zara, was 29.99€ and bought it for 17.99€.

Grey patterned dress from H&M. Before it cost 29.90€ and was reduced to 10.00€.

Black dress from Zara. Was 29.99€ and now reduced to 12.99€. Don't know if I am going to keep this one as I have a dress that reminds me of this one, nevertheless I do like the special detail with the sipper on the back.

Violet (?) dress from H&M. Before it cost 29.90€ and was now on sales for only 7.00€. Not only did it fit very nicely, I also really liked the pattered shoulders and the slightly low back.

Cardigan from H&M with a black belt and pockets of leather imitation. Was 39.90€ and reduced to 15.00€

January 19, 2012

O.P.I Shatter Nail Lacquer for less

I wanted to try a shattering nail polish - and as I wanted to get one of a good quality I went to a local Matas store (a Danish chain reminding of the English chain Boots).

Here I found a really nice one from O.P.I and I got my new nail polish for 129 kr. (17,35 Euro) However I have later found that I could have saved a lot of money by buying one on-line at asos.com here the price is no more than 47 kr. (6,32)!!
O.P.I shatter Nail Lacquer
Matas : 129 kr. (17,35 Euro)
asos.com : 47 kr. (6,32 Euro)

So if you also want to try out a shattering nail polish - which by the way looks really great! - Go and get yours at asos.com!

January 17, 2012

More Versace coming to HandM

Versace and HandM has made a follow up on the collaboration they made last fall - on the 19 of January Donna Versace new spring collection for the high-street brand is hitting selected HandM shops.  

The collection is called "Cruise" and it really embraces the spring "feeling" with lots of colour, prints of fruits and berries and feminine silhouettes. In the new collection you are going to find clothes for men and women, bikinis, jewellery, bags, accessories and shoes. 

Personally, I was not a big fan of the first collection - it was altogether too much colour, patterns and funny designs - not worth the prices they wanted for it. And as far as I can tell, I am not alone - as many of the items are now awailible on sale on their homepage for a lott less - so if you liked the collection but found it too expensive, now is the time to buy it!

However, the new collection looks much better, I like the colours and the  feminine cuts a lot better and I for one am going to have a look to see the whole collection on the 19.!

January 12, 2012

Nail polish trend - Winter 2012

Once again a new nail polish trend has been spotted on the streets, in mag´s and in shops.This seasons hip nail colour is jeans-blue - very cool, stylish and it go to all of your jeans! I like it!

I think Dior was the first with the colour followed sharply by CHANEL - however their polishes are not known to be among the cheapest.

Luckily already now you can find similar colours among many high-street brands for prices fitting everyone's budget. I have found a couple of examples of the cheaper bottles of cool blue polishes, all from asos.com :

Barry M Nail Paint Classic Collection 
30 kr. (4 Euro)
Kardashian Kolor By O.P.I Nicole Nail Polish
85 kr. (11,5 Euro)

January 5, 2012

Goodbye BIK BOK - Hello Levi´s

On December the 12 we got a new Levi´s store in the centre of Aarhus - more precisely on the upper deck of "Bruuns Galleri" - located where the BIK BOK store was.

Its a nice big location selling fashion for both male and female - and if you like Levi´s it is  worth visiting!

Personally, I am going to miss the BIK BOK store as it was the best and biggest store we had in the city.