November 16, 2009

Bracelets - and lots of them!

As you may know - It has been and still is very IN with big bracelets - and lots of them all at once! ... And if you did not know - then get started rigth here!

I have found a couple of examples from some of the cheaper highstreet shops in my area.

Here goes:
These bangles are from h and m - they have a range of different ones all at affordable prices...

The bracelet in this picture (the one with the pearls) is from Gina Tricot - This is a bit more rough but the (very fashinable) pearls softens it up and makes it a cool assecori!

This bracelet is from Top Shop - a bit more pricy than the others - but it is so cute and special that I would pay a little extra to own this one...

November 9, 2009

Great brand discouts in Vente privée

Vente privée is a French online shop, where they do outlets of different brands that last 2-3 days.
Here they sell everything from clothes to accessorizes, home appliances, cd's, books, theatre tickets, jewellery and bigger things like fridges and cars! The products are normally stocks from previous seasons that they want to get rid off. Therefore you can really find some great discounts with up to 80 % off.
Currently they are only present France, Germany, Spain, UK and Italy and in order to be a member, you have to get an invitation from an already existing member. The existing member will then get a voucher after the invited person has done his/her first shopping.
You have to be fast as the stock and the good sizes get sold out soon, but you can also do some great deals.
I found this watch from Tommy Hilfiger (with a silver frame, not gold as on the picture). It was discounted from 130 euros to 40 euros (plus the shipping charges: 6 euros). I received it more and less a month after ordering in, in great conditions.

Please visit the webpage:

November 5, 2009

I finally found it!!
I have been chasing a necklace like the one Rihanna is wearing on this picture:
I found my copy of the necklace in H and M the other day in the same style! - I am soooo happy!


This is dangerous!!!

I have just found a new web site selling soooo cheap and cool clothes!
Do not look is you do not want to spend money!

The adr. is:

These pictures are just a few e.g. of goods for for 10 Euro or under: