February 17, 2010

Shopping in Brighton

I love to shop when I travel, or is it travel to shop... Either way, Brighton (UK) is one of my favourite cities do so. Not only does it has a beach, a good climate (for England) and a really open-minded a laid back atmosphere, you also find great shops there.

I also like to go shopping in England to observe new trends, which normally start in England and then move on to the rest of Europe. Yes, I know you can do this on the internet too, but I do enjoys tumbling around in shops and of course do some people watching while I am there.

Brighton has two main different "shopping scenes": Firstly The lanes and North lain, where you will find small, different, funky, retro, fashionable, 2nd and antique shops (as well as restaurants and bars). I guess you can compare with some areas of London, such as Camden or Portobello, but I personally prefer going to Brighton.
Secondly, the other main shopping area is around Churchill square, where you will find a shopping centre and around it many high street shops. All though I really enjoy walking around in the small lanes and finding small gadgets, I normally end up doing my shopping around Churchill square.

Now a list of the shops I visit the most when I go to Brighton:

- T.K.Maxx: outlet of designer labels. A great place to go if you have time and a bit of patience. They sell everything from clothes, accessories, beauty products to things for your house. The shop itself is a bit messy, but have a look at their web page, where you also can find great bargains. E.g. this CK handbag - was 100 pounds, now 50 pounds.


Personally I love the shop for its accessories; I have taken home several handbags and designer sunglasses from there, not paying more than 20 pounds per pair.

- Office: My favourite English shoe shop. It's not cheap, but the shoes are fabulous!

- Topshop: I rarely end up buying in there, but it's great for inspiration.

- Miss Selfridge: Tophop's little sister - same style and more or less same prices as Topshop.

- New look: English fashion and high street. Cheaper that Topshop, but more expensive than it was some years ago. Here you can find shoes and boots for no more than 20 pounds.

- Primark: Love the store in Brighton - 3 floors huge floors of accessible fashion. I always end up coming out with a bag full of things. This time I controlled myself and only bought the things you see below for a mere 16 pounds.

General spotted trends: new collections look quite similar to previous ones. Main trends which I saw in almost all the shops are the sailor one (everything is in blue - red - white, white stripes and anchor pictures) and clothes in light/pastel salmon colours.

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  1. Thanks for the update!
    I dident know that T.K.Maxx has a homepage!
    but then again it could be very very dangoures for me to look there!

    I like the small bag from Primark!

    Do they really want the saylor look to come back again (again, again...)?
    well the good thing is, that i still have some things from the previous times it was in...

    Keep me updated!