August 26, 2010

Material girl - In stores now!

Material Girl, Madonna’s new fashion collection, has finally arrived!
Created by the original Material Girl, Madonna the collection contains of everything from skirts to the coolest accessories!

Check out the collection! Only at Macy’s!


August 19, 2010

H&M home in shops!

Great news, the products from H&M home, which until now have only been available to buy online (in some European countries) will soon be possible to buy in shops!!

The first shop in Denmark will open on the 26st of August on Amagertorv 23, Copenhagen.
So if you are in the neighbourghood, swing by the shop, I know I would...

August 17, 2010

The LONGEST pink catwalk!

As mentioned earlier, Denmark was preparing for its Copenhagen Fashion Week by looking to break the current world record for the longest catwalk ever. This past Saturday we did it with their mile-long and very PINK catwalk.

With over 200 models, the fashionistas in Copenhagen broke the world record! The event was hosted by  model Helena Christensen and despite the rainy day, the catwalk was not put on hold.
To make everything even better, the event went to benefit the Children of Chernobyl!
Very very Nice!

August 13, 2010

I like this!!

Just fell over this top on a new Danish web shop – and I really really like the top – and the way it tributes Alexander McQueen!! A nice way for the not so rich of us to get our hands in some “McQueenísh” stuff…!

Think I am going to order one soon!! (Don’t really have the money to do it now…! And yes, I am aware that we are only half way through the month!!)
I found it on this site:

The top is made by “A question of”
It costs 300 kr. which is app. 40 Euros plus shipment.

August 12, 2010

Discount at H&M

Get a 10% discount on your next order from H&M with this code:



Making food just got a lot funnier!!

I am loving these new knives from “Pure Komachi”. It is a series of good knives in cool colours! Each colour and pictograms on the knives indicates for what the knives are intended for, one colour is for bread, one for meat etc.
Universial knife 149  kr.
20 Euros
The chef´s knife 255 kr.
34 Euros
Small fish knife 225 kr.
30 Euros
Universial knife 149 kr.
20 Euros

They are available here:
(This is a Danish site)

August 11, 2010

Shopping in Denmark

I am on holidays in Denmark during this week, travelling around the country visiting family and friends.
All though this keeps me quite busy, I also have had the to do some shopping and I have made some pretty good bargains so far as there is still sales going on in Denmark.

Practical rain shoes from Føtex (Danish supermarket), price: 75kr. (10 euros).

Dress (in the color nude) from H&M, reduced from 250 kr. to 50 kr. (33 euros to 6,5 euros).

Sandals with leopard print from H&M; 100 kr. (13 euros).

Dress from Monki (the shop in Aalborg), reduced from 280 kr. to 50 kr. (37 euros to 6,5 euros).

Short suede jacket (genuine!) from Monki (the shop in Aalborg) - super bargain; was reduced from 700 kr. to 80 kr. (93 euros to 10,50 euros).

All asses were not created equal

Levi's is launching a new line where they are embracing customer's curves in a new line of jeans that fit different body shapes!!
Because as they say:

"all asses were not created equal"

The new line called Curve ID features three different jeans:
and Bold.
Each style comes in a different rise and with different pocket placement.

Not a bad idea at all - more labels should embrace curves if you ask me!!

August 10, 2010

A small part of my shopping’s…

Yesterday I finally got around to take some pictures of some of the stuff I have bought lately...
A top from H&M
– I am loving the combination of the stripes and the animal prints!
To trends in one!!
H&M 79 kr. (10,5 Euros)

This is my maxi dress (I am planning to get more…!)
I love the print and with the 80's knot – it looks really cool!
H&M - App. 129 kr. (17 Euros)

This animal printed top I got for my birthday from a friend
- I love the puff sleeves!!
Gina Tricot

August 9, 2010

The Olsen twins are opening a website!

The Olsen Twins have  opened up a new site for their own design label The Row.

The new website, which was launched much earlier than they expected, enhances the online shopping experience by offering 360° views of each garment as well as video content.
Nice - however not that cheap! But go and check it out anyway; It is always fun to see what these 2 have in store!!
Take a look at on this link:


August 6, 2010

Animal prints are back!

It is back! (Was it ever really gone…!?)
Now, it is time to use animal prints again – this time mostly in black, grey and white colours…!
I am a really big fan of this print so I am loving that I get to use it again!!

Found some examples of the trend online…
Enjoy!! 65 Euros.

H&M 24 Euros. 17 Euros.

Gina Tricot 17 Euros.
H&M 26,5 Euros.

August 4, 2010

Mango outlet - and the sales continues

My co-writer put me on a mission the other day: finding her a new and cheap blazer (as she lost the one she had).

We are at the end of the sales season, so there are really not a lot left in the shops (and what's left has not been bought for a reason..).

Nevertheless, I went by Mango outlet, where they still have a lot of stuff: outlet from previous seasons, now even more reduced as well as "taras" - clothes with some kind of defect.
I found this blazer among the "taras" which I think is from the new season. It was reduced from 50€ to 15€ and the only thing I could see that was wrong with is was that is was missing a button (which is quickly fixed).

While I was there, I acciendtly stumbled over this dress that I have had an eye on when it first hit the shops. It's a dress made out of silk in the colour nude. It was a bit wrinkley when I found it, but after a bit of ironing I think it will be okay. It is not a dress I will be using many times anyways.
The before price for the dress was 70€, now it was reduced to 6€.

August 3, 2010

Forever 21 opening in Barcelona

It's seems like it's finally official: Forever 21 will be opening a shop in Barcelona in the beginning of next year. Sources from the real estate sector claims that Forever 21 just signed a lease for a huge shop space of 4000 square meter in the shopping centre Maquinista. This will be their first shop in Spain and the rumours has it that they are also searching for spaces in Madrid.

Another American shop that also recently has signed a lease in the shopping centre Maquinista is Abercrombie & Fitch. They will be opening their sister shop Hollister in a 500 square meter shop space.

There are also rumours that Apple shop might be opening in the same centre.

So with all these exciting new openings why go to the States when you can take a trip to Barcelona and find the same shops!

Use Google to get discounts when shopping online!

A good tip when shopping online is to be aware of which discounts you can get!

One way to get discounts is by visiting and where you can collect discount codes and save money!!

Furthermore, if you add yourself to the homepage newsletter, you will receive a lot of good mails – containing offers and discounts!

The world’s longest catwalk in Copenhagen!!

Copenhagen’s main pedestrian street Strøget will be converted into the world’s longest catwalk – stretching 1,600 metres in length – when Copenhagen Fashion Week starts on the 11th. of August.

How very exciting!! And we will get in the world records for this - However I am feeling a bit sorry for the models feet, just imagin walking back and forth in those high heels on the longest catwalk ever!!

Among the many models walking the very long catwalk will be our own Helena Christensen!!
She is over 40 and still going strong!!

Want to read more? Go to:

August 2, 2010

Must have: Maxi Dress!!

One of this summers absolute MUST haves is the very comfortable and boehme chick maxi dress!!

They are everywhere – and luckily they come in all price ranges!!

Personally I love the long summer dresses – and they can be used both for everyday use but also for evening use with the right accessories!!

I have bought my own in H&M where they (as always) have a lot of different styles and patterns to choose from!

I have found some examples of cool maxis I have found on the net – a good tip is to buy one with long sleeves as the trend seems to continue into autumn… 36 Euros. 28 Euros

H&M 10,5 Euros.

Dorothy Perkins 30 Euros 33 Euros.