February 11, 2010

Shoe shopping in Vente Privée

Vente privée has previously been mentioned on this blog; the website where you can find online sale of fashionable brands.

This week in Spain they had a sale on Cortefiel (Spanish, a bit on the high end, not very cheap Spanish brand). Normally I don't buy much stuff in the shop (which you can find in Barcelona on the main shopping street Portal del Angel) but on the online sales, I did found two pair of shoes which I impulsively bought (there was only 3 pairs left of each pair of shoes!).

Black gangster style ballerinas - was 50€, now reduced to 22€.

Beige skin shoes with a small heal.
Was 70€ - now 22€

In Vente privée you receive 8 € when someone you have invited to Vente Privée make their first purchase. I had two coupons, which meant that I got a 16€ reduction. So with the 6€ you have to pay to get it sent, all in all I paid 34€

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