February 11, 2010

Results of the Sales Shopping

As promised in my previous post; here some of the results from the January Sales.

One of my first purchases was this blazer with matching trouser from Zara, which I bought for the office (even though the blazer can easily be used as casual wear as well).
When is comes to outfits, it is always a good idea to buy them one of the first days of the sales, otherwise you risk not finding one of the parts in your size. Therefore, I would not call this the buy of the year all though it was reduced some.
Blazer was before 40€, was now reduced to 30€. The trousers were 30€ before, now was reduced to 20€ - all in all 50€ for the whole suit.

Also still during the first week of shopping, we went to Primark, which I have previously mentioned, had surprisingly good sales.
I found this purple winter coat. Was before 35€ and now reduced to under half price: 15€.

Last week I went to Mango, where I found this dress, also really good for the work wardrobe. Before it was 75€ and now reduced to 20€.
This year in they have had amazing sales in Mango!

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  1. Liiiike the dres! - also for out of work things...