February 26, 2010

Online H&M shopping

As I mentioned previously on the blog when I visited the online H&M shop and saw the collection; I wanna buy everything!!
Nevertheless, I am not loaded with money, therefore I took advantage on some of the sales they still have on the web site, especially from the Home section as this is not possible to buy in shops yet.
Since they only have H&M Online Shop in a few countries (not including Spain), I bought it on the Danish website and got it shipped home to my mom.

I bought a couple of dish towels (ecological cotton), some funny napkins and table linens and a plaid (last mentioned not on sale).

I also had a look at the clothing sales and I have to say they had some amazing dresses for sale for around 10 - 20 euros. I bought a blue glimmer dress for 80kr. (around 10 euros).

All in all I paid 220 kr. + 50 kr. for the delivery (36 euros).

February 24, 2010

From my closet

Ok, I promised my co writer to update our blog each time I buy new things – and yes, I haven’t been quite up to date with this. So I decided to make a monthly update for all the things I have bought the last month. (This is in fact a very dangerous thing to do because I suddenly realised where all my money went……)

Boots from Monki (a new store that has just landed in the center of Århus) On sale 100 kr. ( ca. 13 Euros)
A braclet from Gina Tricot - big with lots of flowers on it. 99 kr. ( about 13 Euros)
A scarf from H&M on sale for 10 kr. (1,5 Euros)
Pumps from H&M on sale for 29 kr. (4 Euros

A blue skirt (in the style of Victoria Beckhams clothing) 130 kr. on sale in H&M. (about 17,5 Euros)
A black skirt with 2 sippers from Bik Bok for 100 kr on sale. (13 Euros)

Oversized earrings from Glitter 25 kr. (3,5 Euros)

Broach from H&M by Sonia Rykiel for 39 kr. (about 5 Euros)

A long shirt from Gina Tricot for 50 kr. (ca. 7 Euros)

An oversize necklace from Glitter which was also on sale for only 25 kr. (3,5 Euros)
A sweet top from H&M for only 70 kr. also on sale. (10 Euros)

February 23, 2010

Small town shopping spree

This weekend I was on a spa weekend with the boyfriend and of course I cannot go to a new town without cheeking out the shopping scene – you newer know if there are some good bargains awaiting…
(even more now in the end of the sales period when the shops basically throw their things at you)

This is what I managed to find in the centre of the Danish small town called Hobro:

A top from the label Minimum (which I normally do not like but this was so cheap that it was ok) it was only 25 kr. Which is about 3,5 Euros.

I found a quite leather look a like bow in Føtex for 10 kr. Which equals 1,5 Euro.

And a laptop sticker (for my boooring Dell work computer) with a pattern that I actually like and it was down to 30 kr. Which is 4 Euros.

So all in all I got some nice things and it cost my under 10 Euros!

It can really pay off to look for bargains wherever you are – small or big town…

February 22, 2010

New nail trend

As we all know, it has been and still is, a big trend to use nail polish in colours following the trends of e.g. the trend colours in clothes… Last summer and in the fall it was black and this winter it was minty green.

The colour for spring and summer has been set by no other that CHANEL with their limited edition beige nail polish!
And who doesn’t want to be chick like CHANEL??

However CHANEL isn´t exactly known for their cheap prices – so here is a small tip on how to get your hands on some cheap and good quality polish:

The label is called “Depend”
In this picture you see a selection of their colours and they are very good at following the trend colours so off course they too have a beige nail polish almost identical to the one from Chanel – and really, no one can tell if it’s a designer nail polish once it is on the nails!

I buy mine in Denmark in a chain called “Matas” but you can also bye them in many other perfume stores e.g. Douglas and on the internet. The price is a mere sum of 3,5 Euros!
So go to your local perfume store and get your cheap trendy nail polish!!

February 20, 2010

Sonia Rykiel shopping result

I went to have a look at the collection, and unlike the Jimmy Choo collection, there were actually many (most) things left.
Many things looked nicer on the pics on the internet than in reality, but overall the collection was nice.
I bought the long knitted jumper (I have been wanting one of those for years now). I know it's supposed to be big, but I have to say that I thought it was a bit too oversized in my size (M) so I bought it in a XS in stead. 40€ is the price is Spain.

Fashion Alert: Sonia Rykiel in H&M!!

Sonia Rykel srtikes again in H&M - this time with actual clothes and not just underwear.

To be followed after my visit to the nearest H&M store this afternoon....

February 18, 2010

Fashion for your home

We all love fashion and dressing the seasons must haves! But what about your homes? Should they be left out from the fashion scene and stay the same alllllll of the time?
NOOOO – there is a lot of things going on in trends fore your home – and one firm that actually takes the street styles into your home is (ta ta taaa) H and M…

There aren’t many shops selling the goods yet but if you go to their homepage there are lot of inspiration to be found and lots of cheap cool stuff for our home!

Check out the images attached and go and visit your local H and M site to shop!

PS. The sale is still on there…

February 17, 2010

Shopping in Brighton

I love to shop when I travel, or is it travel to shop... Either way, Brighton (UK) is one of my favourite cities do so. Not only does it has a beach, a good climate (for England) and a really open-minded a laid back atmosphere, you also find great shops there.

I also like to go shopping in England to observe new trends, which normally start in England and then move on to the rest of Europe. Yes, I know you can do this on the internet too, but I do enjoys tumbling around in shops and of course do some people watching while I am there.

Brighton has two main different "shopping scenes": Firstly The lanes and North lain, where you will find small, different, funky, retro, fashionable, 2nd and antique shops (as well as restaurants and bars). I guess you can compare with some areas of London, such as Camden or Portobello, but I personally prefer going to Brighton.
Secondly, the other main shopping area is around Churchill square, where you will find a shopping centre and around it many high street shops. All though I really enjoy walking around in the small lanes and finding small gadgets, I normally end up doing my shopping around Churchill square.

Now a list of the shops I visit the most when I go to Brighton:

- T.K.Maxx: outlet of designer labels. A great place to go if you have time and a bit of patience. They sell everything from clothes, accessories, beauty products to things for your house. The shop itself is a bit messy, but have a look at their web page, where you also can find great bargains. E.g. this CK handbag - was 100 pounds, now 50 pounds.


Personally I love the shop for its accessories; I have taken home several handbags and designer sunglasses from there, not paying more than 20 pounds per pair.

- Office: My favourite English shoe shop. It's not cheap, but the shoes are fabulous!

- Topshop: I rarely end up buying in there, but it's great for inspiration.

- Miss Selfridge: Tophop's little sister - same style and more or less same prices as Topshop.

- New look: English fashion and high street. Cheaper that Topshop, but more expensive than it was some years ago. Here you can find shoes and boots for no more than 20 pounds.

- Primark: Love the store in Brighton - 3 floors huge floors of accessible fashion. I always end up coming out with a bag full of things. This time I controlled myself and only bought the things you see below for a mere 16 pounds.

General spotted trends: new collections look quite similar to previous ones. Main trends which I saw in almost all the shops are the sailor one (everything is in blue - red - white, white stripes and anchor pictures) and clothes in light/pastel salmon colours.

February 16, 2010

Different accessory…

Here is something new – a cell phone made of 18 carets gold!

Ok – the design is a little old and isént outstanding but a phone made of GOLD!
The phone can be use as an accessory along with your jewellery and pep up any outfit…and the best thing is, that it isn’t as expensive as one might think – it is “only” about 110 Euros!
Cant wait to flash my golden phone when walking down the street talking to my girlfriends in the best "Posh spice" style I can manage.....

February 12, 2010

Gadget: Ipod nano 5th generation

Ok, normally I put on my clothing shopping on this blog, but I just wanted to share my newest gadget with you; my new ipod nano 5th generation in red.

Main advantages/improvements compared to the Ipod 4th generation:
- you can grab videos with it
- it has radio
- you can see the cover of your albums
- more space (I got the 8 GB also available in 16 GB for 30€ more)

I bought in on the Spanish Apple Store where it is not cheaper that in stores (nor more expensive, because you don't have to pay for the dispatch of the product). But it does have a few advantages;
- you can buy colours in the website, which you don't find in the shops (e.g. red)
- you can have two lines inscribed on the back on the ipod for free! (see example below)

Price all included: 139€

February 11, 2010

Shoe shopping in Vente Privée

Vente privée has previously been mentioned on this blog; the website where you can find online sale of fashionable brands.

This week in Spain they had a sale on Cortefiel (Spanish, a bit on the high end, not very cheap Spanish brand). Normally I don't buy much stuff in the shop (which you can find in Barcelona on the main shopping street Portal del Angel) but on the online sales, I did found two pair of shoes which I impulsively bought (there was only 3 pairs left of each pair of shoes!).

Black gangster style ballerinas - was 50€, now reduced to 22€.

Beige skin shoes with a small heal.
Was 70€ - now 22€

In Vente privée you receive 8 € when someone you have invited to Vente Privée make their first purchase. I had two coupons, which meant that I got a 16€ reduction. So with the 6€ you have to pay to get it sent, all in all I paid 34€

Results of the Sales Shopping

As promised in my previous post; here some of the results from the January Sales.

One of my first purchases was this blazer with matching trouser from Zara, which I bought for the office (even though the blazer can easily be used as casual wear as well).
When is comes to outfits, it is always a good idea to buy them one of the first days of the sales, otherwise you risk not finding one of the parts in your size. Therefore, I would not call this the buy of the year all though it was reduced some.
Blazer was before 40€, was now reduced to 30€. The trousers were 30€ before, now was reduced to 20€ - all in all 50€ for the whole suit.

Also still during the first week of shopping, we went to Primark, which I have previously mentioned, had surprisingly good sales.
I found this purple winter coat. Was before 35€ and now reduced to under half price: 15€.

Last week I went to Mango, where I found this dress, also really good for the work wardrobe. Before it was 75€ and now reduced to 20€.
This year in they have had amazing sales in Mango!