February 24, 2010

From my closet

Ok, I promised my co writer to update our blog each time I buy new things – and yes, I haven’t been quite up to date with this. So I decided to make a monthly update for all the things I have bought the last month. (This is in fact a very dangerous thing to do because I suddenly realised where all my money went……)

Boots from Monki (a new store that has just landed in the center of Århus) On sale 100 kr. ( ca. 13 Euros)
A braclet from Gina Tricot - big with lots of flowers on it. 99 kr. ( about 13 Euros)
A scarf from H&M on sale for 10 kr. (1,5 Euros)
Pumps from H&M on sale for 29 kr. (4 Euros

A blue skirt (in the style of Victoria Beckhams clothing) 130 kr. on sale in H&M. (about 17,5 Euros)
A black skirt with 2 sippers from Bik Bok for 100 kr on sale. (13 Euros)

Oversized earrings from Glitter 25 kr. (3,5 Euros)

Broach from H&M by Sonia Rykiel for 39 kr. (about 5 Euros)

A long shirt from Gina Tricot for 50 kr. (ca. 7 Euros)

An oversize necklace from Glitter which was also on sale for only 25 kr. (3,5 Euros)
A sweet top from H&M for only 70 kr. also on sale. (10 Euros)

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  1. Thanks for the update - and wow, great offer you found!