June 23, 2011


My boyfriend and I both use perfumes that are unfortunately not sold in Denmark - therefore i went online to find the perfumes from abroad - and i found a great place where they have lots of really nice perfumes, it´s cheap! (Compared to Danish prices in general) and I got an extra 15% of!
The web store I found is called fragrancenet.com - and I have nothing bad to say about it at all, both prices, service and delivery are great!
I can only recommend that you take a look for your faw smell on the page next time you need a new one!
This is what we got :

Princess from Vera Wang
$45.19 ( app. 32 euros 237 kr.) on which we got 15% discount.
Dirty English from Juicy Couture
$31.19 (app. 22 euros and 164 kr.) and we also got a 15% discount of this.

June 21, 2011

Summer nails!

Summer is always a good time to have nice and colourful nails! and once again Dior has found a great summer colour! Their polish "Le vernis" 545 Psychedelic orange is one of THE summer colours to have on your nails! However Dior is not exactly known for their low prices and while I am sure the quality of the polish is really good - but I don't intend on paying 175 kr. (app. 23,4 euros) for it!

I have found that the very cheap nail polish label Depend is also on top of things and have made a small range of summer orange colors to choose from - and to the small amount of 25 kr. (3,4 euros) a bottle - we like that!
Personally, I am going to my local Depend sales spot to buy a nice and summer full orange polish!

June 10, 2011

A small shopping spree

This week I have had some trips to H&M - and I must say they have some really nice offers now!
Many items are reduced in price and especially their shoes have been reduced and you can really get some good bargains!
I have noticed, that the prices on their web shop is a little higher than in the stores - so if you want to get the best bargains, you should visit your local H&M!
(BTW. H&M have just launched their new web design - personally I think it resembles Topshops layout a little too much and it is not as usable as the old one...)
Here is what I shopped this week on my trips to H&M...
A pair of high heels
Was 250 kr. (34 euros)
Now 100 kr. (13,5 euros)
A bracelet
Was 25 kr. (3,5 euros)
Now 10 kr. (1,5 euros)
A belt
This is not reduced but is very cheap
It is only 39 kr. (5 euros)

June 7, 2011

Open by night in Aarhus

The other day all stores in downtown Aarhus was open until midnight and almost all stores had some sort of discount or special offers!
I managed to find a some very nice bargains - here is what I found:
A cardigan from VILA
Reduced from 350 kr. (47 Euros)
- to 100 kr. (13,5 Euros)

Pumps from Topshop at Magasin
Reduced from ca. 360 kr. (48 Euros)
- to ca. 260 kr. (35 Euros)


June 5, 2011

The opening of Forever 21 in Barcelona

The day finally arrived (4th of June) and the long awaited store Forever 21 finally opened in La Maquinista, Barcelona.
This was the second opening of a Forever21 store I have been to (the other one was a year ago, in Times square, NY) and like the other opening they handed out free gifts (to the first 700 visitors) and gave everybody a 10% discount (for any shopping over 40 euros).

This time I was not disappointed when I stepped in to the store (like I was when I first visited the neighbour store Hollister) - the Forever 21 store was huge! More precisely 3500 square meters, according to an article in Lavanguardia.
There was a DJ playing just when entering the store just in front of the small section for men. There is also a small section for children, and then the rest were clothes, shoes and accessories for women (girls).

I spent a lot of time in the store looking around and all though the store was very nice, along with the customer service, I have to say I was more impressed by it when I was in NY. I don't know if it was because it was bigger there or because I don't fancy the collection this year as much as the one last year. I also don't know if it was my memory, but it also seemed that the prices were lower in the States. I have often referred Forever21 to a store with clothes like Topshop and prices like Primark. Nevertheless, I believe the prices were more like H&M prices and the quality of the clothes did not really reach Topshop standards.

So in the end I actually went out empty handed from the store. But all though I didn't find anything this time, I will definitely go back soon again. If you are lucky you can find really nice stuff to bargain prices in there and it is always nice to have alternatives to all the other highstreet stores - especially since you can't find a Forever 21 on every corner.

June 1, 2011

New Hakei store

A new Hakei store has opened in Barcelona - which means you can find lovely leather bags and shoes even more centrally. The store is located in C/ Pelai, on the side of "el triangulo" between Footlocker and Camper.