July 24, 2011

"Macarons" at Mc Donalds

My co-writer wrote a post some time ago about the French "macarons" arriving to the Mc Cafes of France.

To my delight I discovered that they also have arrived to the Mc Cafes in Spain! More precisely I found them in the Mc Cafe on Psg. de Gracia (between Arago and Consell de Cent).

They cost 0,75 euros each and they among other flavours; vanilla, pistachio, cookie, chocolate and rasberry. They also have this special offer for 3,95 for a box of six, which I jumped on. Enjoy!

July 23, 2011

Sales Sales Sales!!

So I have been a bit busy the last 3 weeks since the sales started. The first week I bought some things, then I changed some of them, then I bought something else in stead when I saw that the prices had gone down even more.

I have been buying mostly in Mango and Zara. Mango was a joy to visit the first week of the sales as they had put everything directly on 50% off. I found quite many things in there on the first shopping round. Nevertheless, now 3 weeks later, they still have the same prices as the first week and most of the good things are gone, so not very interesting to visit any more.

Zara is more causious during the first week of the sales. They reduced the clothes around 30%, so you found very few things on 50% off. However, the second week it got more interesting as there were still nice things to find and a lot of stuff was now discounted 50% or more. Now the 3rd week of the sales, yes, it is even cheaper but you have to be lucky to find your size and most of the good things are already gone. So with Zara the question is how long do you dare to wait...?

These are the bargains I found during the first week:

Skirt from Mango; was 22€, reduced to 11€.

Skirt from Zara TFL was 26€, reduced to 16€

Blue and white striped blazer from Mango; was 60€, reduced to 28€

Top from Mango (with sipper on the back); was 24€, reduced to 12€.

In the second week of the sales I bought the following:

Camel coloured blazer with leopard sleeves. Was 46€, reduced to 30€

Various: Leopard t-shirt from Oysho, was 10€ reduced to 6€. Small purse/wallet from Mango was 15€ reduced to 7€. Small black leather bag from Zara; was 30€ reduced to 10€, black leather sandals from Zara; was 30€ reduced to 10€.

July 5, 2011

Manolo Blahnik opens a store in Barcelona

Carrie Bradshaw's favourite shoe store, Manolo Blahnik opened their first store in Barcelona last month. The store is located on Psg. de Gracia inside of the Hotel Mandarin. This means that you cannot actually see the store from the street, but has to enter the hotel, walk the way up to the reception and you will find the store on the left side.
The store is quite small but I guess a Manolo lover will find what they need. In the store there are shoes from 400 to 3000 euros.

View of the store from the ramp that leads up to the reception of the Mandarin Hotel.

July 4, 2011

Some sales in H&M

I was in Denmark last weekend where the sales start a bit sooner than here in Barcelona.

I was really saving my money for the sales here, but happened to pass by H&M and got a few things.

Yet another summer dress was 129 kr - now 50 kr (6,5 euros).

And another dress, was 250 kr, now 100 kr (13 euros).

July 3, 2011

Shopping on Oxfordstreet

I went to London for a weekend a couple of weeks ago. I honestly never do any thing cultural or touristic when I am in London cos I always manage to spend all my time on Oxford street and this time was no exception.

What I usually do is to start in Topshop where they have amazing clothes and you can spot the latest trends. Nevertheless, for my wallet its a bit too expensive so, I normally end up in the other end of Oxfordstreet in Primark where you can find similar stuff but for much less.

New in Topshop I discovered a mini cupcake sales stand and fish pedicure (seems to be everywhere at the moment).

To find on the ground floor with the accessories.

To find on the -2 floor.

On my down Oxfordstreet towards Primark, I saw that they are opening a Forever21 in London too! Can't wait to visit next time I'm there...

I visited Clarks and found these very practical (especially when its raining, which it of course was) and comfortable shoes. They had a sales, so they were reduced from 39,99 pounds to 24,99 pounds.

In Primark I got the following:

Summer dress, reduced from 10 pounds to 5 pounds.

Another dress, 10 pounds.

Some accessories: Blue ballerinas for 4 pounds, sunglasses 1 pound and shoes for the boyfriend 3 pounds.

July 1, 2011

Summer sales

Its the 1st of July - the official start for the Spanish summer sale!! Hurrraaay!!

I didn't have time to go after work today, nevertheless, I will spend the whole day tomorrow searching for the best bargains. I need; tops, shirts, flat sandals, a trench coat, a long(ish) dress and a summer bag. Let's see what I manage to find.. (probably things I don't need!)

And for you who are busy tomorrow - no worries, the stores are opened on Sunday too!