February 23, 2010

Small town shopping spree

This weekend I was on a spa weekend with the boyfriend and of course I cannot go to a new town without cheeking out the shopping scene – you newer know if there are some good bargains awaiting…
(even more now in the end of the sales period when the shops basically throw their things at you)

This is what I managed to find in the centre of the Danish small town called Hobro:

A top from the label Minimum (which I normally do not like but this was so cheap that it was ok) it was only 25 kr. Which is about 3,5 Euros.

I found a quite leather look a like bow in Føtex for 10 kr. Which equals 1,5 Euro.

And a laptop sticker (for my boooring Dell work computer) with a pattern that I actually like and it was down to 30 kr. Which is 4 Euros.

So all in all I got some nice things and it cost my under 10 Euros!

It can really pay off to look for bargains wherever you are – small or big town…

1 comment:

  1. Good bargains! Really like the top and the computer sticker!