May 31, 2010

New top


First off all, sorry that I have not been updating the blog more than I have lately - but as my wallet is really empty these times - so is the blog...

However I managed to find a nice new top that i could actually afford (even though it was in the end of the month!!) and by buying this top I even contribute to the fight against aids - so all in all a good buy!
79 kr.
(10,5 Euros)

May 24, 2010

New shop opening in Barcelona; Shana

Saturday when I was walking around in town, I noticed that everybody was walking around with bags from a shop called Shana.
When I finally found the shop, in Portal d'angel (Barcelona's main shopping street), where Stradivarious used to be, I had to enter.
I was pleasant suprised; Shana was a huge shop with modern clothes all for Primark prices (veeery cheap).

Some of the clothes were a bit "teenagy" and some looked a bit too cheap, nevertheless, I did manage to find a few things:

A long thin cardigan - price: 6€ (45 kr.)

A vest, also made out of thin material (perfect for summer) - price: 5€ (38 kr.)

A black and white scarf - price: 3€

May 22, 2010

Yet more H&M shopping..

Yesterday I went by H&M and picked our an early birthday present among with some other bargains:

Black dress with wavy tissues in front which makes pockets. Can be formal but also used for work, depending on your accessories. Price 30 € (225 kr.)

A striped long t-shirt/dress and a scarf. Price: 5€ (37,5 kr.) each.

May 20, 2010

Fashion against AIDS

The new collection called ”Fashion against AIDS” has landed today in all H&M stores and on the web
shop. When you buy a piece of the clothing you automatically support the struggle against AIDS/HIV! – How cool is that?

Here are some examples from the collection – go and support a good course!

Kate Moss for Top Shop - again...

Some of the items from the new Top Shop collection made with Kate Moss has reached the press - and here are a couple of them.

I am honestly not that impressed...

May 17, 2010

Almost forgot...

I also got this top - I am loving the stripes and the pink simili peace sign!!
79 kr. in H&M
(10,5 Euros)

While we are waiting…

Well, we are still waiting for the summer to come – and in order to get to use the tops I have bought for the sunshine – I kinda had to get more cardigan to put over them (always good to have an excuse to shop…..) So I bought these 2 cardigan:
From H&M 79 kr. (App. 10,5 Euros) In Organic cotton – a really good find! (mine is grey)

This is from Gina Tricot and was reduced to 100 kr. (13 Euros)

May 14, 2010

Shopping in Prague

This week I went to Prague, it was with my work so there was not a lot of time for shopping and sightseeing. However I managed to shop just a little – I went to a shopping mall and visited a local “Pimkie” where I bought two tops and a pair of earrings.
Pimkie is a frenck chain of shops that you can find in a lot of countries around Europe. It sells young and cheap clothing, I wouldn’t say that they are as quick to follow trends as e.g. H&M or Zara but you can defiantly find some bargains there if you take a good look.

I haven’t taken a picture of one of the tops as it is just a basic cheap black top costing about 30 kr. (4 Euros).

This is the other top. Sweet and funny and the girl on the top is wearing an actual skirt going “out” from the top. It was app. 100 kr. (13 Euros)

I also bought this pair of earrings – I love the pink colour! They where about 40 kr. (5,5 Euros)

May 9, 2010

Silly cheap

This week H&M debuted their summer collection for the soon to come bikini season... and the result is really nice - and cheap.

There are lots of different tops and buttons you can mix as you may like - and each part is only 39 kr. (5,2 Euros)...

So If you havent gotten this years bikini - go to your local store or to the internetshop and make a bargain!

New Xtina!

Today Christina Aguliera has released a new song - and I actually like it! It´s a lot better then the previous single from her album...

Take a listen!

New Xtina!

May 8, 2010

New Beyonce video

Check out the new Beyoncé video, Why don't you love me

I don't know who she is singing about, but I assure you that I loooooooooove her pin-up lock and the clothes in the video!

May 7, 2010

A visit to Gina

I went to look in Gina Tricot the other day – and I found some things there that I just had to make mine… Here it is:

Necklace 99 kr. (13 Euros)
Shorts 159 kr. (21 Euros)

The sale was still on there, and they where basically giving the last stuff away – everything was reduced to 29 kr. (just under 4 Euros) – however there wasn’t anything I couldn’t live without… But deff. Worth checking out if you are near a Gina store.

May 6, 2010

Swedish netshop

I have discovered a Swedish netshop I did not know – It is called “Lindex”.
It is ok, not the coolest and not the cheapest – but worth knowing…

Here are some of the things I found:
79 kr. (10,5 Euro)
199 kr. (26,5 Euros)

250 kr. (33 Euros)

May 5, 2010

Barbie as fashionistas

The world known shoe designer Christian Louboutin who has dressed fashionistas in fab stilettos around the world – has made a series of really fashionable Barbies!

They are definitely not cheap (from 115 Euros) but I could go for one and display it as “art” in my home………

Available at:

May 4, 2010

Everyone is going short…

A new star trend has accrued – and it seems that a lot of the stars are leaving the longhaired look and going for a more summer friendly and chick look.

Here are a couple of examples of celebs who cut their hair short.

Mizz. Bridget Jones

Heidi Klum
Hayden from Heros

Are you going to join this trend??

May 3, 2010

Britney does Gaga!

Before La GaGalupe recorded her worldwide hit song Telephone, she had originally written the song for Britney Spears. For some reason, Britney passed on the song and GaGa went on to record it herself with Beyonce.

Well, the Britney demo version of the song has leaked and and has been posted on

More topshop...

The 5. of may, launches a new line – and this time it’s all about makeup.

The new makeup series are following the current trends and the design of the packing are really really quite as well!

Go and have a look!

May 2, 2010

One-piece suits

All though all the shops were closed yesterday in Spain because of the 1st of May holiday, there is one place you can count on, which is Maremagnum - a shopping centre by the harbour which is always open.

Anyways I has a look in Mango, and I have to say I really liked their new collection. I especially like that they have gotten a new low cost line, Think up (you can recognize it by their pink price labels). The clothes are very nice and very affordable (especially if you buy it in Spain. Mango in Spain is roughly 30% cheaper as in the rest of Europe, since the brand is Spanish).

So I tried on this one-piece suit, something I normally don't wear but I really thought this one was nice - like the pin-up look you see a lot of currently.

Price 29€

The line in the shop was really long, so I have not bought it yet. Also need to think about if the thighs are up for such short legs.. But it sure was cute!

They also had other one-piece suits, such as the following: