December 10, 2010

Shopping in Shana

My co-writer has been visiting me in Barcelona during this week, so we thought that we would do something new: a common post. We have of course spent most of the time this week in shops (mostly Christmas shopping though..).

Nevertheless, we could not avoid picking up some stuff for ourselves when visiting Shana:

Super shopper here wearing a cardigan she bought in Shana for 6,99€

She also bought a necklace for 2,99€ and earrings for 1,99€.

Also a top for 3,99€

I also got a couple of things: this dark blue skirt for 7,99€

And last but not least also for me: a carding with hearth print; 9,99€

December 5, 2010

Tiffany & Co. Barcelona - new opening

Tiffany & Co. opened this week their second store in Spain on the prestigious Psg. de Gracia (where else would they be?). On November the 30th Tiffany & Co. held their opening night and on December the 1st the boutique opened for everybody.

On the opening night the entrance looked like this - as the typical blue box from Tiffany & Co. The guest list included the President of the company and one of their most important designers. Also many locally famous people attended such as Ricardo Bofill and Carmen Lomana.

The entrance is beautiful and already when you enter the door you will find an island with sparkling jewellery displayed. Unfortunately the price tags are not displayed along with them. I know it can be a bit intimidating visiting a store like this, but I had a trully nice experience entering the shop. Smiling people greeting me on my way in and out and the shop assistants immediately asked me if I needed any help - the kind of customer service you rarely find in Spain (and in other shops on Gracia for that matter).

True, Tiffany & Co. is not known for having low prices and you will never see the sign "Sales" in one of their stores. Nevertheless, if you really want Tiffany jewellery it is not entirely out of the league for us mortals. Below I have found some more or less affordable silver jewellery. Prices found on their Spanish website by the way, it might be cheaper in the shop.

Silver earrings from the "Notes collections" - 110€

Silver ring also from the "Notes collection" - 95€

Silver medallion pendant with a small diamond, from the "Petals collection" - 190€

December 2, 2010

Another celebrity designs…!

Is everyone just a little famous going down the designer highway!?

Now, The Libertins lead singer Pete Doherty has launching a vintage-inspired jewellery line!

The Albion Trinketry launch took place in London at the Joesph Westbourne Grove where Pete modelled his and Hannah Martin's creations. I haven’t been able to find any pictures of the collection yet – can´t wait to see what it looks like!! However I have found an article about it, so if you want to learn more go to: