July 30, 2010


Just wanted to share this really really weird piece of jewellery!

As I was looking through the newest items on asos.com – I found this very strange “necklace”… I do not get it!!

Hope this is not a new trend – course it is really……… out there!

July 29, 2010

Nail artist Sophy Robson has created a collection of nails for Elle Collections magazine and they're pretty fierce.

The nails include designer logos like Henry Holland, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry and Dior.
Sophy's designer nails will be available for the masses later this summer.

SATC Accessories

Ok They're rolling out msome really silly Sex & the City accessories!!

Starting this fall, HBO will be selling Swarovski crystal bra straps that will color coordinate with your favorite character and they're not cheap.

Each set costs $142! Yikes!

Who would pay that much to show off bra straps - not really having anything to do with the movie or the caractors - If you ask me, it´s just some really overpriced bling............ Not living up to the Swarovski image!

July 21, 2010

Outlet sales shopping

So I had a look in the Outlet street of Barcelona (c.Girona, beneath Gran via) and I made a few bargains..

In Mango Outlet I found the jeans shorts (made of a really soft material) - price 8€ (60kr.), before price was 30€.

I also found the jacket in Mango Outlet - price 10€ (75kr.), before price 45€.

The scarf I bought in Nice Things Outlet, it only cost 3€ (21 kr.).

July 20, 2010

I did it again today...

I didn't mean to, but I actually went back to H&M´s online store and bought just a little more goodies today... But it was items on sale - so I think I am kinda excused!!

This is what I bought...
65 kr. (8,6 Euros)
39 kr. (5 Euros)

For the danes...

If you like gossip and and fashion - and like me, buy the weekly magazine "Kig ind" - then you have to know this web site:

It is "Kig ind"´s homp page and it is constantly updated with the newest gossip - following Lohans stupid mistakes, Brit brits nerves and Hiltons latest fashion scoops - It also has it´s own online store where you can buy a lot of the latest highstreet trends! Furthermore you can find info on what is hot and what is not - both in clothes, make up, hair, gadgets etc.

I can defenetly recomend to go and have a look!!


July 19, 2010

Online shopping

As predicted in my earlier blogpost - I have just finished placing an order on H&M´s home page!
Just could not help myself! - Think it is actually a good thing that the stores here do not have the HOME collection as I would totally shop myself poor!!!

This is wat I bourgth this time - and yes, a pair of jeans accidently got into the basket as well....

Pillow case
20 kr. (2,5 Euros) On sale

Kitchen towels
39 kr. (5 Euros) each

Jeans 179 kr. (26 Euro)

News for your home

Kitchen towel
39 kr. (5 Euros)

Finally H&M have launched a new collection in their HOME shop!
The new collection has a lot of coooolll and very girly items – I am loving it and I am defiantly going to buy me some of the collection to pep-up my apartment!!

Here are some examples – but go and have a look fore yourself!!
Bed linen
199 kr. (26,5 Euros)

Table runner
69 kr. (9 Euros)

79 kr. (10,5 Euros)

49 kr. (6,5 Euros)

bed sheet
99 kr. (13 Euros)


The biannual sales (rebajas) started in Spain the first of July. As they have done the last couple of years, they started strong with 50-70% of discounts in many shops already from the first day.
Now the 3rd week of sales, many places are already doing 3rd rebajas, which means that they have discounted their things for the third time.

All though I didn't wanted to spend a lot of money after coming home quite broke from NY, there was some things that I needed and thanks to the sales were more or less affordable.

I really needed a pair of comfortable high heel shoes, both for work and going out. I had already spotted these black leather shoes with open toe from Geox before the sales, but with a 30% discount they were a bit more interesting. Apart from looking really good on, they are really comfortable!
They were 120€ before the sales and now 84€.

I really needed a new bag too, but I havn't really fallen in love with any yet, so in the mean time, I found this brown bag in Blanco. It was 13 euros and with a 70% discount I paid 3,90 euros.

Forever 21 in Europe

It recently got to my attention that Forever 21, my best discovery in NY, will be expanding to Europe soon.

They actually already opened a store in Dublin in May and will probably open stores in London and other European cities soon.

As I live in Barcelona, I am especially interested in the Spanish market and apparently they will be opening shops in Madrid and Barcelona next year (they are checking out store spaces in passeig de Gracia in Barcelona).

As I mentioned before, this shop is like a Topshop with Primark prices. Needless to say that this is going to be a big competition for other high street stores such as H&M, Zara and Primark. But as a consumer, I can only welcome the broader choice..

July 8, 2010

Sale alert!!!

The summer sale has started on asos.com - with great bargains waiting for you!! I found a couple of nice things I am considering to buy - fx. the top in the upper picture...

Take a look and enjoy!!

85 kr. (11 Euros)

85 kr. (11 Euros)

95 kr. (13 Euros)

July 6, 2010

NY part 4: Forever 21 - New opening in Times square

This will be my last post from New York and I will only comment one shop: Forever 21.

The day before I left NY Forever 21 (the 25th of June) Forever 21 opened a new store in Times square. They already had some stores around NY in Soho and in Union square. I didn't visited the other stores so I don't know if they were as big as this one.

The store on Times Square was amazing! Imagine the Topshop on Oxford circus - equally big with 4 huge floors and equally cool clothes - but with Primark prices (everything was more than affordable)! I planned only to have a quick look but ended up using 2 hours in there (going trough the shop fast, I could have spent much more time if I had had more time available).
On top on the amazing fashion, since it was the opening they gave us free umbrellas and little candy bags.

So these are the things I picked up:

Cute sailor dress for 22,80 dollars (18 euros / 135 kr.)

Flowery jumpsuit for 19,80 dollars (16 euros / 117 kr.)

Top with bird print for 15,80 ( 12 euros / 94 kr.)

A black strapless top for 4 dollars (3,20 euros / 24 kr.) and a blue top with a nice nick line for 4,5 dollars.

And some accesories; a bag for 9,80 dollars (7,8 euros / 58 kr.) and a necklace for 6,8 dollars ( 5,4 euros / 40 kr.)

I also got some basic tops and t-shirts that cost from 2-3 dollars.

Since it was the first day on top of these already cheap prices you got another 10% off! Which meant that I ended up paying 110 dollars for all my stuff (88 euros /650 kr.).

I have to say that I had missed cheap a high street alternative to H&M and luckily I found it on my last day in the big apple...

July 5, 2010

Brit brit - design update...

Just found some new images of Britney Spears weraing her own designs in a photoshoot from Candie´s and thourght I would share it with you guys!

July 3, 2010

NY part 3: The designer outlets

If you want to have designer stuff for less, you should visits one of the many outlets of New York.

The biggest one is Century 21, which you can find just next to Ground Zero. Here they have 4 floors of discounted designer clothes and accessories for men, women and children.
I especially liked the place to buy presents and accessories. For the clothes you really need to have patience to look trough it, as its hanged really cramped. Many of the items were not in very good shape and because it being from a designer brand still quite pricey.
I would recommend going in the morning around 9-10 (they open around 8), there are still not that many people there at that time.
I bought a lot of NY souvenirs as presents, a beach towel from Lacoste (16 dollars), two Levi's sun glasses (10 dollars each) and some other presents.

Another big outlet is Loehmann's. I passed the one on Broadway (73st) with out entering and it didn't seem very busy. There is also one on Union Square.

I also saw that TK Maxx exist in New York. The shop is also on Broadway (1430) but unfortunately I didn't have time to enter.

My hotel was close to another outlet, Filene's Basement - "where bargains were born". This one was also on Broadway with 79st. At first glance not much to see, but looking a bit closer I did found something and did my bargain. I found a grey Calvin Klein suit and a black matching top, also from Calvin Klein. I got the entire outfit for 120 dollars (100 euros/700 kr.).