December 10, 2010

Shopping in Shana

My co-writer has been visiting me in Barcelona during this week, so we thought that we would do something new: a common post. We have of course spent most of the time this week in shops (mostly Christmas shopping though..).

Nevertheless, we could not avoid picking up some stuff for ourselves when visiting Shana:

Super shopper here wearing a cardigan she bought in Shana for 6,99€

She also bought a necklace for 2,99€ and earrings for 1,99€.

Also a top for 3,99€

I also got a couple of things: this dark blue skirt for 7,99€

And last but not least also for me: a carding with hearth print; 9,99€

December 5, 2010

Tiffany & Co. Barcelona - new opening

Tiffany & Co. opened this week their second store in Spain on the prestigious Psg. de Gracia (where else would they be?). On November the 30th Tiffany & Co. held their opening night and on December the 1st the boutique opened for everybody.

On the opening night the entrance looked like this - as the typical blue box from Tiffany & Co. The guest list included the President of the company and one of their most important designers. Also many locally famous people attended such as Ricardo Bofill and Carmen Lomana.

The entrance is beautiful and already when you enter the door you will find an island with sparkling jewellery displayed. Unfortunately the price tags are not displayed along with them. I know it can be a bit intimidating visiting a store like this, but I had a trully nice experience entering the shop. Smiling people greeting me on my way in and out and the shop assistants immediately asked me if I needed any help - the kind of customer service you rarely find in Spain (and in other shops on Gracia for that matter).

True, Tiffany & Co. is not known for having low prices and you will never see the sign "Sales" in one of their stores. Nevertheless, if you really want Tiffany jewellery it is not entirely out of the league for us mortals. Below I have found some more or less affordable silver jewellery. Prices found on their Spanish website by the way, it might be cheaper in the shop.

Silver earrings from the "Notes collections" - 110€

Silver ring also from the "Notes collection" - 95€

Silver medallion pendant with a small diamond, from the "Petals collection" - 190€

December 2, 2010

Another celebrity designs…!

Is everyone just a little famous going down the designer highway!?

Now, The Libertins lead singer Pete Doherty has launching a vintage-inspired jewellery line!

The Albion Trinketry launch took place in London at the Joesph Westbourne Grove where Pete modelled his and Hannah Martin's creations. I haven’t been able to find any pictures of the collection yet – can´t wait to see what it looks like!! However I have found an article about it, so if you want to learn more go to:


November 25, 2010

Mariah Carey as a designer...

This monday the new collection designed by Mariah is going on sale!
HSN has unveiled the collection containing of shoes and jewelry!

I have found a couple of images for you to enjoy here - do not really know if I would go for any of the items, but some of them are rather cute - go and have a look at the whole collection yourself on munday or at


November 7, 2010

New pumps from Zara

Got some new pumps from Zara yesterday - I really needed some, especially for work. They are simple, easy to walk in and comfortable. Price; 39,99 €

October 11, 2010

Hollister in Barcelona - part 2

As I before have announced on the blog; Hollister opened their doors in Barcelona last week. This, along with the newly opened Apple shop, I had to go and check out. So along with many, many other people, I decided to spend my Saturday afternoon in the shopping centre, la Maquinista. (To get there, take the red metro line to Sant Andreu).

After arriving my friends and I went directly to the Hollister shop. There, as much expected, two nice looking guys, only wearing red surfer shorts and sunscreen on their noses were standing in the entrance. As we entered, they greeted us with a "Hey, what's up?" with a well studied American accent (not entirely hiding the fact that they were Spanish though).

(unknown girls on the picture)

The shop was darkly lit with a TV screen in the back with a beach and very crowded. I started to search around for the guys who in an American shop just would stand around to say Hi and look good, but to my disappointment all the sales assistants were actually busy selling, and not all of them were that good looking.
I am not really a fan of the clothes, nevertheless, I had a look. The clothes were quite basic, some of it okay, but I would never buy anything in there because of the prices. 40 euros for a normal cardigan and over 20 euros for a basic t-shirt! Yes, sex sells but not to that extent!
Anyways, that was my opinion. A lot of people seemed not to share it as there were long lines by the dressers and by the till. Some of my friends tried to buy some clothes, but after waiting for 20 minutes to try the clothes on and then an additional 15 minutes in the queue without moving one meter, they gave up. So my advice would be, don't visit the shop on weekends!

I also visited the newly opened Apple store. The shop was nice and huge and looked exactly like any Apple shop you would find in the States. The only thing I can say about the shop is that I think it is a shame it is not in the centre of the city.

From this experience I can only say that I probably won't be taking the trip to La Maquinista before/if Forever 21 opens there.

October 3, 2010

More things to fill up the closet..

A little update of the things I bought during the week..

Black shirt from H&M - 10 euros (75 kr.)

Just to have a little something in navy - short sleeved blazer. Discounted from 30 euros to 15 euros.

Black boots from Stradivarius (another of the shops from the Zara clothing empire, Inditex) - they were 40 euros (300 kr.). Simple black boots that will go with most things, a must have in my fall-winter wardrobe.

Okay, so this goes on my wall and not in my closet.. I got big white walls in my apartment, so I decided to buy a clock to fill out some of the space on my living room wall. I got the clock from Casa viva for 35 euros. The great thing about it is that you put the numbers where you want, which means that you decide which size it gets. We arranged it to have 1 meter in diameter, and the result is big and nice.

October 1, 2010

Hollister in Barcelona

It's finally happening, the first Hollister in Spain will open next week, the 7th of October in "la Maquinista" (shopping centre).
I heard rumours that they are continuing the same recruitment processes as for their shops in the States - meaning there will be gorgeous people working there! To be continued...

September 29, 2010

Mid season sale at

The mid-season sale has just startet at´s outlet store - probably going to be a good bargain or two!

Go and have a look!!


September 25, 2010

Some stuff from Primark

Went to Diagonal Mar (shopping centre in Barcelona) where you find the only Primark of the city - therefore I had to stop by and get some stuff preparing me for the fall.

Black leather gloves - 8 euros (60 kr.).

Black ankle boots, 8 euros (60 kr.)

Grey skirt with with straps. On sale, the label said 3 euros but at the till I only paid 1 euro!

Black jersey with puff sleeves. Same as the skirt, was marked as 3 euros, but I only paid 1 euro. Primark can really be ridiculous cheap some times, with these prices they might as well give the clothes away!

September 20, 2010

New trousers from Zara

New blue trousers from Zara, both nice for office and casual wear - 39,95 euros (300kr)

September 14, 2010

Smells like Gaga...

Soon we can all smell gagalisius!

The beauty company "Coty" has signed a licensing deal with Lady GaGa to release multiple fragrances under her name.
Interesting - hope she will not get too inspired by the smell of her meat dress from the VMAs...

Gaga's first scent is expected to hit shelves in the spring of 2012.

September 13, 2010

Converse abuse!

This is not what I would call a fashion update - rather the oppersit actually...

Singer Ciara was wearing some sort of vierd sneaker hybrid on the set of her new music video "Gimme Dat". If this is not an abuse of Converses snickers i don`t know what is! - looks horrible!

September 10, 2010

I totally forgot to mention...

my latest shoppings! The bag I actually bought when I was in Denmark. I had been searching for a nice affordable leather bag for a long time, without really finding one. Then I stumbled over this leather bag in a 2nd hand shop in Odense. Nice and very affordable, only 200 kr. ( 27 euros).

I also got these shoes in Barcelona during the last days of the sales. I got them from Fosco, a shoe shop which normally have (for my taste) quite over priced shoes compared to quality and style.
Nevertheless, I found these shoes, reduced from 55€ to 29€, which I quite liked.

I might have some already that look similar but are very

September 8, 2010

Heidi Klum designs for New Balance

The label New Balance has just teamed up with Heidi Klum to design a new sportswear line.
The collection will be sold exclusively on Amazon and will feature leggings, woven tops, outerwear and tunics.
Heidi Klum says, that she was inspired by the busy lives of women who want to look "stylish, comfortable and hip".

The line will be available starting October 7th and will range from $32 to $168.

Marc Jacobs store in Århus

In the beginning of August a brand new Marc Jacobs store opened the doors for customers in downtown Århus – being the first ever store only selling the high – end fashion brand!
The store is located in the area called “Latinerkvarteret” which is a very cosy small shopping area with small lanes, cafés and small special stores – a very good placement for a Marc Jacobs store!

They will be selling clothes, shoes, bags and accessories from Marc by Marc Jacobs – so if you are in the area, go and take a look!!


September 5, 2010

First Apple store in Spain opens in Barcelona

Great news for all fan boys in Spain; The first Apple store in Spain has finally opened in the Maquinista, Barcelona. It opened yesterday, the 4th of September, and there was a great turnout of Apple fans.

More than 1000 people visited the 1300 square meter store, where they were invited to dounought and coffee. The most nerdy of the crowd even showed up with t-shirts saying "Barcelona 04.08.2010 I was there".

The next Apple shop in Spain will open in Madrid next Saturday.There are already around 35 Apple stores around Europe in countries such as the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

September 2, 2010

Zara goes online

The Spanish clothing giant Zara has today launched their online shop, making it possible to buy the same collections which are currently in shops, online. For the moment the online shops have opened in Spain (of course), the UK, France, Portugal, Italy and Germany. When the online shops are going to be available in the smaller European countries, there is no news about.

It costs 3.95 euros in Spain (3.95 pounds in England) to get the clothes sent home to you. There is also the option of picking the package up in a shop near you.

It is about time we see an online store from Zara - it's competitors like H&M and Mango has been selling their clothes online for a while already. Apparently, Inditex wanted to make sure there was a market for online sales before launching it.
Well, now a days that people are almost doing more or at least equal amount of shopping online as in the shops, it will probably be a big success...

Lanvin to H&M!!

Yet another designer has signed a contract with the high street chain H&M and this time it is Lanvins turn to strutt their stuff...!!
After releasing an allusive viral video campaign on their next designer collaboration, it's been revealed that Lanvin will be coming to the racks of H&M.

H&M plans to announce their Lanvin collabo on September 9th.
Can't wait to see what Elbaz comes up with!

August 26, 2010

Material girl - In stores now!

Material Girl, Madonna’s new fashion collection, has finally arrived!
Created by the original Material Girl, Madonna the collection contains of everything from skirts to the coolest accessories!

Check out the collection! Only at Macy’s!


August 19, 2010

H&M home in shops!

Great news, the products from H&M home, which until now have only been available to buy online (in some European countries) will soon be possible to buy in shops!!

The first shop in Denmark will open on the 26st of August on Amagertorv 23, Copenhagen.
So if you are in the neighbourghood, swing by the shop, I know I would...