October 20, 2009

Uniqlo - hottest new shop in Paris

I love Paris and as we all know it is supposed to be the hearth of fashion. Nevertheless, for someone looking not to spend too much money, it is not always easy to find places to shop. Sure the high street shops are of course located on all the main streets of the city, but for me who lives in Barcelona where the clothes are cheaper it would not be worth shopping there.
But there was one new shop that I had to visit; Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a Japanese shop, which in Europe currently you will only find in London and Paris. It is supposed to be the Japanese competition to HandM, Zara, Mango and co, offering to their customer good quality, modern clothes in all colours for reasonable money. The shop in Paris opened op little over 2 weeks ago, so needless to say the interest for the new shop was big. As you can see on the picture there was a huge line to get in, so I guess you can imagine how it was inside.

It was truly crazy inside; people and clothes every where. The sales assistants (many with Asian origins) was trying without luck to put the clothes back in order and create a presentable shop.
There was 3 floors; Men on the upper floor, Men/Women on the floor 0 and Women in -1. Compared to the size of many Primemark stores, this did not impress me in size. In was big, but not huge...

Concerning the clothes, I was not impressed. Sure they had cheap skinny jeans, cardigans all the colours of the rainbow and cute tuxedos. But it was very normal, nothing very modern as you see in HandM and the prices all though cheap (jeans between 30-50 euros) it was not cheaper or much different than the things you can find in Zara.

Saying this, I still fell for their opening offer: skinny jeans discounted from 30 euros to 10 euros. I took the chance and bought them without trying (couldn't stand standing in two enormous lines) and luckily they were the right size (after consulting with a sales assistant I found out that a size 27 was a size 38) and fitting well.
The line after all only took 10 minutes and the sales assistants at the till were exaggerated friendly.
Not the most pleasant shopping experience, but I just had to see the new kid in town!

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  1. I actually remember their logo from when I was in Tokyo... do not think I bourgth anything there though.