October 20, 2009

My first trend update


Well I think it is about time I try to come with some good shopping adwise - I am planning to contribute to the site with shopping scoops and afordable tips from my trawels and from Denmark where I live. Apart form this I will give some tips on what current trends and where I think you can get the trends for affordable prices.

As I have not been traweling for some time now, this update will be about a trend and what better trend to talk about in these cold times than the trendy ladylike gloves we see everywhere??

I have(off caurse) -been to H&M and they have several wery affordable gloves!
On the 2 first pictyres I have enclosed you can se the ones I have chosen - but they have several!
The last pic. is for inspiration
I can also recomend a trip to Gina Tricot (a fashion store a bit simular to Zara and H&M), Top Shop and accessories. They all have very nice ones and all to affordable prices...

That was all from me this time
Sorry about my spelling mistakes.....

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