October 11, 2009

Mid season sales in Maremagnum

The other day I went to Maremagnum. It's a shopping centre by the harbor of Barcelona where you can find the most common shops which you also will find on the big shopping streets. The advantages with this place are 1) a roof over your head if it should be raining (not likely in Barcelona) and 2) and most importantly; they are open every day of the year (except the 25th of December and the 1st of January).
In Maremagnum I went by
H+M, a small shop comparing to the big H+M shops you will find in Portal del Angel (one of the main shopping streets in the centre), but as it’s small it’s also easier to grasp. Luckily they had just started their mid season sales, discounting a lot of clothes to the price of 10 and 5 €. And I manage to find some bargains...
I bought a striped t-shirt (furthest to the left), which was not on sales but had the low price of 5,95€. Then I found a cute summer top, slightly transparent, with a ribbon around the waist (in the middle) and at a cost of 5€, discounted from 19,90€. And then I found a short black/grey striped cardigan (on the right), perfect for office use also for 5€, discounted from 14,95€.
I said it before and I'll say it again; I'll never get tired of shopping in

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