November 16, 2009

Bracelets - and lots of them!

As you may know - It has been and still is very IN with big bracelets - and lots of them all at once! ... And if you did not know - then get started rigth here!

I have found a couple of examples from some of the cheaper highstreet shops in my area.

Here goes:
These bangles are from h and m - they have a range of different ones all at affordable prices...

The bracelet in this picture (the one with the pearls) is from Gina Tricot - This is a bit more rough but the (very fashinable) pearls softens it up and makes it a cool assecori!

This bracelet is from Top Shop - a bit more pricy than the others - but it is so cute and special that I would pay a little extra to own this one...

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