March 20, 2011

Shopping in Primark (again...)

I also visited Primark in Diagonal Mar last week. Even though it can be a stressful experience shopping in Primark on a Saturday afternoon, I still manage to come out of the store with a bag full of clothes. This Saturday they had a lot of things on sales, and since it very cheap before sales you can really get a lot of stuff for nearly no money.

I got a couple of cardigans for 8€ piece.

Then I made some really great bargains with these things that were on sale. I found two basic turtle-necks (one in black and one with stripes) for 2€ a piece and a Wonder Woman t-shirt for € (reduced from 10€)


  1. Ja jeg er endnu ikke overbevist så næste gang må vi forbi på en hverdag eller fra morenstunden ;-)

  2. Ja det må vi altså gøre, det er bare et spørgsmål om tid før du også bliver afhængig )

  3. oh, u really bought some nice things there.

    Im visiting Barcelona soon and i would love to check out primark.
    What metro stop do i need to get out? what is the easiest and fastes way to get there, lets say from diagonal?

    thanks for the info :) <3