March 8, 2011

French macaroons at Mac Donalds!!

Remember the seen in SATS 2 in the dessert where the girls are eating deliciously looking colorful macaroons? These little melt-in-your-mouth beauties are along with the cookie and the decorated muffins in the top of the "cookie fashion world". They are as tasty as they are lovely and would pride any fashionistas coffee table!!
Now, the French macaroon are available at McCafes in France. Apparently, the French aren’t happy about it. I can see why this ad (and the idea in general) might have them crying foul. 
So the high end macroon has hit the higth streets - I don´t really apply to this as it takes a lot away from the "essence" - taking them away from the small quite stores and putting in Mac surroundings could kill the essence of everything. I would still buy mine in the small stores - and willingly pay a little more...!