March 22, 2011

New Shana store on Psg. de Gracia

I mentioned the other day that to my knowledge the only other Shana store apart from the one on Portal d'Angel was the new store they opened in Maremagnum.
Nevertheless, this weekend I accidental stumbled upon another Shana store on Passeig de Gracia 91. I believe it just opened this Monday (the 28th of March).
I have also read that next to the Shana store, a new Loewe store will be opened soon.

I have also recently found out that Shana is actually a Catalan store (headquarters based outside of Barcelona) from the company Comdipunt who also owns the Friday's project stores (the new Shana store has actually taken over the store where Friday's project were before). Shana is growing rapidly; only in the last nine months they have opened 70 stores (all franchises) and they plan on reaching 100 stores before the end of this year.
Rumours says that they are looking to expand internationally and they are negotiating franchise deals with China, Mexico, Portugal and the Middle East.

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