June 24, 2012

Tiger in Barcelona

I had a very pleasant surprise yesterday; I discovered that one of my favourite Danish stores has arrived to Spain!

For you that don't already know Tiger, it is a very cheap store selling things for the home with prices in the same ranges as a Chinese Bazar but with very cool designs. It is a Danish store that has have a lot of success in Denmark since 1995 thanks to their innovative designs, and their respect towards the environment, social responsibility and the quality of their products.

Apparently they now have over 100 stores all around Europe; UK, Spain, Holland, Germany, Italy, Eastern Europe and of course Scandinavia. They do not have franchises, only their own store, in order be sure to maintain the standards of the stores. And I have to say, from my first visit to Tiger in Spain, that it worked. The store was nice and clean, the design and the products were the same as the stores in Denmark and the sales assistants were really polite and nice! (something rare to find here in Spain..) For a moment I felt like I was back home Denmark, especially since many products still their Danish labels and texts.

To have an idea of their products, I have added some pictures below:


Ice cube trays for 2€

Colador de plástico con forma de fresa 
Fruit colander for 2€

3 Cake tins for 5€

I do have to say that the products are slightly more expensive here than in Denmark, but I will happily pay a bit more to get the products here instead of having to carry them all the way from Denmark (which I usually do..).

To find the stores in Barcelona go to:

- Ronda Universitat, 11
- Roselló, 247

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