June 3, 2012

Believe it or not; even more stuff from Primark

So I start to see a pattern here; apparently outside of the Sales seasons Primark is the only place I shop! Good thing that the semi annual sales are coming up next month so we can get some variety from me!

Anyways, I was back in Primark in L'Illa Diagonal (twice this month!) and here are the pics of the things I got.

I'm going on holidays to a tropical island, so I wanted to get some beach clothes. This dress which also can be turned into a skirt was 10€.

I also got this beach dress, which I think will be very nice to put over the bikini after being on the beach. It also has the cut you see everywhere (short front, longer in the back) that must be the cut of the season. It was 7€.

I also needed new jeans (in general) and found these two skinny jeans. I couldn't decide on the colour so I got the darker as well as the light blue ones. The fabrics are quite light, and they look nice with the legs rolled up so they will go well for summer as well. 15€ per pair.

And then the shoes; got a pair of snake patterned ballerinas for 6€, a pair of espadrilles for 5€ as well as a pair of leather sandals with a small heel for 15€.

I also found this dress with a black belt and bottoms in the back, it was on sales for only 5€.

A scarf is always useful, summer and winter. This one is a mix of leopard and zebra pattern, it cost 4€

I also needed a small bag for the holidays and found this one with leopard pattern on sales for only 2€. I also got this new very clever thing; a bag organizer. Basically its for the oversized bags where you can never find anything cos they are lost somewhere in the bottom of the bag. The idea is that you put the organizer within the big bag and thanks to all its little pockets its again possible to find all your stuff. It cost 3,5€

And last but not least, just wanted to add a picture of my cat that represents very well the love I think most women have for shoes.. ;)

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