June 9, 2012

New COOL Vero Moda store in Aarhus

About a week ago Vera Moda reopened their biggest store in the centre of Aarhus - and I must say WOW!
The store has really improved massively and it has a much more international feeling about it - I managed to shoot a couple of pictures to share here :)

But go and have a look yourself, it is really worth it!

A runway in the ceiling along with a kind of green trees hanging 
in the air all over the entrance - Cool!

A In-store for their more expensive label "Just Vero Moda"

There are screens all over the stores showing videos
 from fashion shows with models showing the newest clothes

A "HAY Marke"t In-store - which I cant really relate to, they are both in 
the Bestseller group so it is not that surprising 
but in my opinion they do not relate to the same customer segments 
- and I would be afraid to damage HAY´s good reputation

A new on-line area where the customers can surf the net

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