February 27, 2012

My February bargains

Just a small update on what I have been buying this past month... some was on sale and some I just had to have! And it actually ads up to a lot more than I expected!

I am sorry about the poor quality of some of the pics - hope you are able to see it anyway...!

Top from Gina Tricot
129 kr. (17 Euro)
Bowl from Helbak 
with a small error and therefore reduced from 210 kr. (28 Euro) to 50 kr. (7 Euro)
at Designer Zoo

Cool long cardigan from HandM
reduced from 449 kr. (60 Euro) to 50 kr. (7 Euro)

Nice top with stripes from HandM
99 kr. (13 Euro)
Cardigan from Vera Moda
reduced from 199 kr. (27 Euro) to 175 kr. (24 Euro)
Reduced from 299 kr. (40 Euro) to 150 kr. (20 Euro)

Cool chain from PIECES
80 kr. (11 Euro)

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