January 22, 2012

Winter sales in Barcelona

As usual, the winter sales here in Barcelona started on the 7th of January. I was not there because I spent that weekend in the UK (another post about that is coming up), nevertheless I have done my sales shopping here in Barcelona this weekend and last weekend. Since it has already been two weeks since the sales started, many stores has already started with the"segunda rebajas" meaning that the prices have reduced even more.
Zara started of the sales with a 30-40% discount, but now two weeks later, it was already possible to find things which were 50-70% discounted.
Mango did not start of with discounting all their clothes with 50% like during the summer sales, but also with a 30-40%. Nevertheless, this weekend all the clothes were at 50% off.
H&M had also quite nice discounts, and I found several things around 70% discounted.
Here are the bargains I have found (so far...):

White t-shirt from Zara. Was reduced from 29.99€ to 17.99€.

Cardigan from Mango suit. Was 29.99€ and now on sales for 14.99€.

Black wedges from Zara - they were 39.99€ and now reduced to 13.99€. Very happy to find them as my old black wedges needed to be replaced...

Blue dress from Zara, was 29.99€ and bought it for 17.99€.

Grey patterned dress from H&M. Before it cost 29.90€ and was reduced to 10.00€.

Black dress from Zara. Was 29.99€ and now reduced to 12.99€. Don't know if I am going to keep this one as I have a dress that reminds me of this one, nevertheless I do like the special detail with the sipper on the back.

Violet (?) dress from H&M. Before it cost 29.90€ and was now on sales for only 7.00€. Not only did it fit very nicely, I also really liked the pattered shoulders and the slightly low back.

Cardigan from H&M with a black belt and pockets of leather imitation. Was 39.90€ and reduced to 15.00€

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