January 24, 2012

January sales - Denmark

I have - off cause - also been out finding bargains from this years first sales-period! The sales here in Denmark has really increased in the last couple of years - and this year, almost everywhere the sales were up to 70 percent off already in the second week of January! A poor sign for the economy but a great opportunity to find great bargains! However this also means, that a lot off the good stuff got sold out very fast - so you had to be quick!

This is what I have found...
Cool watch from Skagen
was 898 kr. (120,77 Euro) reduced to 449 kr. (60,39 Euro)

A trendy and lovely shirt from Vera Moda
reduced to 75 kr. (10 Euro)

 Top/dress from Vera Moda
reduced to 75 kr. (10 Euro)

Imitated leather corset from Gina Tricot
was 149 kr. (20 Euro) reduced to 50 kr. (6,7 Euro)

Fashionable red jeans from Gina Tricot
was 199 (27 Euro) reduced to 100 kr. (13,45 Euro)

Cool widget-heel boots from T.R.E.N.D
was 449 kr. (60,39 Euro) reduced to 149 kr. (20 Euro)

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