January 19, 2012

O.P.I Shatter Nail Lacquer for less

I wanted to try a shattering nail polish - and as I wanted to get one of a good quality I went to a local Matas store (a Danish chain reminding of the English chain Boots).

Here I found a really nice one from O.P.I and I got my new nail polish for 129 kr. (17,35 Euro) However I have later found that I could have saved a lot of money by buying one on-line at asos.com here the price is no more than 47 kr. (6,32)!!
O.P.I shatter Nail Lacquer
Matas : 129 kr. (17,35 Euro)
asos.com : 47 kr. (6,32 Euro)

So if you also want to try out a shattering nail polish - which by the way looks really great! - Go and get yours at asos.com!

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