November 6, 2011

Newest shopping...

I have - off cause been shopping - again... A lot of places has sales now and I have been able to find some really nice bargains - but I have also found some really nice cheap things which was not on sale.
This is what has found its way to my closet lately...!

Earrings from Louise Kragh
(A gift from my boyfriend :) )
300 kr. (40 Euro) from Decorate Shop

Shirt from Gina Tricot - mine is white
159 kr. (21 Euro)

Top from Vera Moda
On sale from 199 to 99 kr. (13 Euro)

Ring from Anne Black at Decorate Shop
125 kr. (17 Euro)

Jeans from Gina Tricot - I got them in black
On sale from 299 kr. to 99 kr. (13 Euro)

And some lakrids witch I had to treat myself!
65 kr. (9 Euro)

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