June 21, 2011

Summer nails!

Summer is always a good time to have nice and colourful nails! and once again Dior has found a great summer colour! Their polish "Le vernis" 545 Psychedelic orange is one of THE summer colours to have on your nails! However Dior is not exactly known for their low prices and while I am sure the quality of the polish is really good - but I don't intend on paying 175 kr. (app. 23,4 euros) for it!

I have found that the very cheap nail polish label Depend is also on top of things and have made a small range of summer orange colors to choose from - and to the small amount of 25 kr. (3,4 euros) a bottle - we like that!
Personally, I am going to my local Depend sales spot to buy a nice and summer full orange polish!

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