June 23, 2011


My boyfriend and I both use perfumes that are unfortunately not sold in Denmark - therefore i went online to find the perfumes from abroad - and i found a great place where they have lots of really nice perfumes, it´s cheap! (Compared to Danish prices in general) and I got an extra 15% of!
The web store I found is called fragrancenet.com - and I have nothing bad to say about it at all, both prices, service and delivery are great!
I can only recommend that you take a look for your faw smell on the page next time you need a new one!
This is what we got :

Princess from Vera Wang
$45.19 ( app. 32 euros 237 kr.) on which we got 15% discount.
Dirty English from Juicy Couture
$31.19 (app. 22 euros and 164 kr.) and we also got a 15% discount of this.

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