August 11, 2010

Shopping in Denmark

I am on holidays in Denmark during this week, travelling around the country visiting family and friends.
All though this keeps me quite busy, I also have had the to do some shopping and I have made some pretty good bargains so far as there is still sales going on in Denmark.

Practical rain shoes from Føtex (Danish supermarket), price: 75kr. (10 euros).

Dress (in the color nude) from H&M, reduced from 250 kr. to 50 kr. (33 euros to 6,5 euros).

Sandals with leopard print from H&M; 100 kr. (13 euros).

Dress from Monki (the shop in Aalborg), reduced from 280 kr. to 50 kr. (37 euros to 6,5 euros).

Short suede jacket (genuine!) from Monki (the shop in Aalborg) - super bargain; was reduced from 700 kr. to 80 kr. (93 euros to 10,50 euros).

1 comment:

  1. Nice things!
    I especially like the jacket!! What a bargain!!