August 3, 2010

Forever 21 opening in Barcelona

It's seems like it's finally official: Forever 21 will be opening a shop in Barcelona in the beginning of next year. Sources from the real estate sector claims that Forever 21 just signed a lease for a huge shop space of 4000 square meter in the shopping centre Maquinista. This will be their first shop in Spain and the rumours has it that they are also searching for spaces in Madrid.

Another American shop that also recently has signed a lease in the shopping centre Maquinista is Abercrombie & Fitch. They will be opening their sister shop Hollister in a 500 square meter shop space.

There are also rumours that Apple shop might be opening in the same centre.

So with all these exciting new openings why go to the States when you can take a trip to Barcelona and find the same shops!

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