July 19, 2010


The biannual sales (rebajas) started in Spain the first of July. As they have done the last couple of years, they started strong with 50-70% of discounts in many shops already from the first day.
Now the 3rd week of sales, many places are already doing 3rd rebajas, which means that they have discounted their things for the third time.

All though I didn't wanted to spend a lot of money after coming home quite broke from NY, there was some things that I needed and thanks to the sales were more or less affordable.

I really needed a pair of comfortable high heel shoes, both for work and going out. I had already spotted these black leather shoes with open toe from Geox before the sales, but with a 30% discount they were a bit more interesting. Apart from looking really good on, they are really comfortable!
They were 120€ before the sales and now 84€.

I really needed a new bag too, but I havn't really fallen in love with any yet, so in the mean time, I found this brown bag in Blanco. It was 13 euros and with a 70% discount I paid 3,90 euros.

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  1. I am loving the shoes!!! - and the fackt that they are actually walkable!