July 6, 2010

NY part 4: Forever 21 - New opening in Times square

This will be my last post from New York and I will only comment one shop: Forever 21.

The day before I left NY Forever 21 (the 25th of June) Forever 21 opened a new store in Times square. They already had some stores around NY in Soho and in Union square. I didn't visited the other stores so I don't know if they were as big as this one.

The store on Times Square was amazing! Imagine the Topshop on Oxford circus - equally big with 4 huge floors and equally cool clothes - but with Primark prices (everything was more than affordable)! I planned only to have a quick look but ended up using 2 hours in there (going trough the shop fast, I could have spent much more time if I had had more time available).
On top on the amazing fashion, since it was the opening they gave us free umbrellas and little candy bags.

So these are the things I picked up:

Cute sailor dress for 22,80 dollars (18 euros / 135 kr.)

Flowery jumpsuit for 19,80 dollars (16 euros / 117 kr.)

Top with bird print for 15,80 ( 12 euros / 94 kr.)

A black strapless top for 4 dollars (3,20 euros / 24 kr.) and a blue top with a nice nick line for 4,5 dollars.

And some accesories; a bag for 9,80 dollars (7,8 euros / 58 kr.) and a necklace for 6,8 dollars ( 5,4 euros / 40 kr.)

I also got some basic tops and t-shirts that cost from 2-3 dollars.

Since it was the first day on top of these already cheap prices you got another 10% off! Which meant that I ended up paying 110 dollars for all my stuff (88 euros /650 kr.).

I have to say that I had missed cheap a high street alternative to H&M and luckily I found it on my last day in the big apple...

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