July 3, 2010

NY part 3: The designer outlets

If you want to have designer stuff for less, you should visits one of the many outlets of New York.

The biggest one is Century 21, which you can find just next to Ground Zero. Here they have 4 floors of discounted designer clothes and accessories for men, women and children.
I especially liked the place to buy presents and accessories. For the clothes you really need to have patience to look trough it, as its hanged really cramped. Many of the items were not in very good shape and because it being from a designer brand still quite pricey.
I would recommend going in the morning around 9-10 (they open around 8), there are still not that many people there at that time.
I bought a lot of NY souvenirs as presents, a beach towel from Lacoste (16 dollars), two Levi's sun glasses (10 dollars each) and some other presents.

Another big outlet is Loehmann's. I passed the one on Broadway (73st) with out entering and it didn't seem very busy. There is also one on Union Square.

I also saw that TK Maxx exist in New York. The shop is also on Broadway (1430) but unfortunately I didn't have time to enter.

My hotel was close to another outlet, Filene's Basement - "where bargains were born". This one was also on Broadway with 79st. At first glance not much to see, but looking a bit closer I did found something and did my bargain. I found a grey Calvin Klein suit and a black matching top, also from Calvin Klein. I got the entire outfit for 120 dollars (100 euros/700 kr.).


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  2. Presents!?
    Looking forward to that!!

  3. you are gonna looooove your b-day present!!!