May 14, 2010

Shopping in Prague

This week I went to Prague, it was with my work so there was not a lot of time for shopping and sightseeing. However I managed to shop just a little – I went to a shopping mall and visited a local “Pimkie” where I bought two tops and a pair of earrings.
Pimkie is a frenck chain of shops that you can find in a lot of countries around Europe. It sells young and cheap clothing, I wouldn’t say that they are as quick to follow trends as e.g. H&M or Zara but you can defiantly find some bargains there if you take a good look.

I haven’t taken a picture of one of the tops as it is just a basic cheap black top costing about 30 kr. (4 Euros).

This is the other top. Sweet and funny and the girl on the top is wearing an actual skirt going “out” from the top. It was app. 100 kr. (13 Euros)

I also bought this pair of earrings – I love the pink colour! They where about 40 kr. (5,5 Euros)

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