May 2, 2010

One-piece suits

All though all the shops were closed yesterday in Spain because of the 1st of May holiday, there is one place you can count on, which is Maremagnum - a shopping centre by the harbour which is always open.

Anyways I has a look in Mango, and I have to say I really liked their new collection. I especially like that they have gotten a new low cost line, Think up (you can recognize it by their pink price labels). The clothes are very nice and very affordable (especially if you buy it in Spain. Mango in Spain is roughly 30% cheaper as in the rest of Europe, since the brand is Spanish).

So I tried on this one-piece suit, something I normally don't wear but I really thought this one was nice - like the pin-up look you see a lot of currently.

Price 29€

The line in the shop was really long, so I have not bought it yet. Also need to think about if the thighs are up for such short legs.. But it sure was cute!

They also had other one-piece suits, such as the following:

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